Dragon Ball Z Kai- Episode 10 Review

Episode 10, "Wait, Chaozu! Tenshinhan's Screaming Kikouhou"


Synopsis: Kuririn attacks, killing all but one remaining Saibamen (who is dispatched by Piccolo), but not harming either Vegeta or Nappa. Nappa charges up and attacks Tenshinhan, punching his left hand off. Chaozu decides to sacrifice himself, exploding on Nappa, but to no effect. Piccolo and Kuririn attack Nappa, but Gohan is too afraid to. Tenshinhan uses his last ounce of strength to fire an attack at Nappa, but it doesn't harm Nappa, and he dies from exhaustion. Before Nappa can attack the remaining fighters, Vegeta suggests they wait for Goku's arrival. The two Saiyans wait for three hours.



A lot of action in this episode. First we have Kuririn's massive attack against the Saibamen. Then there's Tenshinhan fighting Nappa. Then there's Chaozu sacrificing himself to stop Nappa. Thne there's Piccolo and Kuririn fighting Nappa. Then there's Tenshinhan sacrificing himself to stop Nappa. Then there's more of Piccolo and Kuririn fighting Nappa. It's all pretty fast-paced, with little of those long power ups, except at the beginning of the episode with Nappa. There's a lot packed in this episode, and it was pretty exciting.

Like I said last time, it's hard for people who never watched the original Dragon Ball to be all that saddened by the deaths of characters like Tenshinhan and Chaozu. I mean, for one thing, yes, we all know that at least Tenshinhan and Yamcha can be wished back by the Dragon Balls, but Chaozu, at the time, was apparently gone for good, as he'd already been wished back once. And besides which, it's still pretty tragic how Tenshinhan pushed himself so hard, dying of exhaustion. Still, if you hadn't watched these characters and their previous adventures with Goku, these deaths wouldn't have meant anything, except to show how powerful Nappa is.

Chaozu used Self-Destruct! It was ineffective.

One of my favorite episodes thus far. I'm still not enamored by some of the scene transitions here and there, though, or by the music, but the quality of the art and animation have obviously been touched up decently here. It looks like the action (and drama) will continue next week, as Goku nears the living world and Piccolo and Kuririn will have to step it up until he arrives.

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5

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