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Dragon Ball Z Kai- Episode 18 Review

Episode 18,"The Spaceship That Sleeps in Yuzabit! Blast Off for Planet Namek", or "Bulma, The Racist! Can a Popo Get a Table Dance?"


Synopsis: At a hospital, Goku, Gohan, and Kuririn recover from their injuries from the battle with Vegeta. Goku will be unable to leave for months, but Gohan and Kuririn are soon to be released. Bulma arrives and tries to activate the pod Nappa left behind, but presses the wrong button and it explodes. Everyone is in dispair, until Mr. Popo appears, offering to show them to what he believes is a spaceship. Popo takes Bulma to the Yunzabit Highlands, where he shows Bulma the spaceship that Kami came to Earth on. Using the Namekian language, Popo is able to activate the ship. Back at the hospital, Popo says that he'll teach Bulma the Namek language, but won't go with her to Namek. Kuririn volunteers to go with her, as does Gohan, despite Chi Chi's objections. Some days later, Bulma, Gohan, and Bulma blast off in the spaceship for Namek.


Oh, Mr. Popo. You are a hilariously inappropriate characture. Why, I even bought a Mr. Popo plush at Otakon once. I knew that as soon as I saw it, that I had to have it. Mr. Popo! How can you get a more obscure DBZ character in plush form? I mean, unless there's a Kargo plush. The guy who sold it to me said that, strangely, a number of people had been there to buy one that day, and he wasn't even sure what character he was. Obviously, plenty of folks have the same sense of irony I do. Now, if I can only get one of those to date me.

Er, back to the show review! Or, rather, let's start it!

Honestly, Bulma, you're such a racist. I mean, he's just a pitch black genie who appeared out of nowhere, has a single tooth, and speaks like a child despite having an old, creaky voice. Also, he has a vacant look on his face that will send you into a world of pain. You don't have to keep giving him scared and disgusted looks. He works hard every day, watering Kami's plants, filling his water bowl, cleaning out his litter box, and the like. Oh sure, he's not a genius millionare like you, but he deserves a little respect for his hundreds of years of service to God himself.

But no, little miss white girl probably never gave a black man a second look. Too good for them, right? Fuck you, bitch. You think you're better than Popo? He doesn't need you or your shit. I bet Popo gets all sorts of honies. See that bling? Hey, don't hate the player, hate the game.

You don't see Chi Chi freaking out, now do you? She's even intermarried. Oh, so maybe he's not as ethnic, as, say, Nam, or Bora, but Chi Chi likes a little dark meat now and then. I hear she had a thing with Advisor Black for a while. And we all know Advisor Black is into HOPE and CHANGE. It's too bad Goku is a hater. Probably one of them Republitards. Meanwhile, illegal immigrant! Shit, those Saiyans stay up all night with their wild music, and people are always coming down on fine chocolate brothers like Popo just for riding around on his carpet in a Namekian neighborhood.

Nameks are little bitches, anyway. Always telling you to BUY OR LEAVE! Shit, maybe I'd buy something if they didn't smell like boiled puppies, amirite? Those Namekians will eat anything. Motherfuckers are always telling me, "Oh, we don't eat anything." Fuck, I'm not stupid.

Namek is shit, man.

Oh, now, where was I?

Bulma, you fucking KKK slut. Go die in a grease fire. Popo can find his own bitches.

Overall Score:

3 out of 5

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