Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 02 Review


Episode 2, "Body Of The Sanctioned"

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Synopsis: In Lior, Edward and Alphonse try to expose Cornello as a fraud, but the people disbelieve them, especially the young woman Rose who wishes for Cornello to restore her boyfriend to life. Edward is taken captive by the priest, but with his brother's help, the truth is revealed and Cornello is defeated. Edward tells Rose to contnue living on her own strength.

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The second episode continues from where the first left off, with Ed and Al confronting the corrupt priest Cornello, and Rose having to decide whether she is going to follow him or not. The brothers confirm that their situation is the result of trying to bring back their dead mother with alchemy (that's some science experiment), and Cornello doesn't deny that he's been using a Philosopher's Stone to the rules of alchemy. The only problem with the continuation of the cliffhanger is that not a lot really happens. Ed and Al retreat and Ed is captured by a mob.

The weirdest thing in this episode is the bird-person Cornello was making to replace Rose's boyfriend. Did he think this was going to be acceptable to her? "Oh sure, thanks Father Cornello, I always wanted a hideous abomination with my boyfriend's voice. I'ma have it's babies!" Or was his plan to get rid of her and say the couple moved away when they were reuinited? And why aren't the citizens suspicious that all the people who were supposedly brought back to life moved away? The people of Lior sure are gullible.

I love Ed and Al tricking Cornello by having a fake Alphonse with Ed when he was taken by the mob and the real Al helping Ed behind the scenes by placing a hidden microphone that outs Cornello as a fraud. Ed could probably have freed himself and defeated Cornello physically at any time, but it was important that the citizens realize that he's a fake and incapable of performing miracles. Cornello's Philosopher's Stone was a fake and really messed him up, but was put out of his misery. You almost feel bad for the old fraud. Almost.

It was an enjoyable episode because the emotions felt so geniune. I felt bad for the Elric brothers and their situation. I felt bad for Rose for the loss of her boyfriend and struggle with her faith. I felt bad for the citizens for being taken in by the fraud priest. At first, I thought Cornello would have been a recurring villain, but of course he's just a temporary cat's paw of the homunculi.

The production values help sell the story. The animation continues to be pretty good, and I love the character designs and music. This is the first time "Brothers" is played, and we hear it a lot, but it never gets old.

The next episode begins a long flashback arc!

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Overall Score:

4 out of 5