#JesseVenturaBelieves Storms Twitter

The latest Twitter meme started by famed @OpieRadio is sweeping the Twitterverse faster than an egg in transwarp. #JesseVenturaBelieves chronicles the factual beliefs held by a one Jesse Ventura. Jesse Ventura, pretty much completely unknown outside of America, is an ex-professional wrestler turned politician turned conspiracy kook. He currently wastes natural resources for network television channel TruTV. His show, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura features top notch investigative journalism as Ventura hunts down the truth behind the world's greatest conspiracy theories. Network executives reportedly signed off on the show commenting that Operation Repo wasn't unbelievable enough. The Twitter trend comes on the heels of an astonishing interview with Larry King. In order to properly promote Ventura's shows Opie, from the Opie and Anthony Radio Show with Jim Norton, XM 202 Sirus 197, felt it was necessary for loyal listeners to list out Ventura's complicated beliefs. Some tweets include... @CaptainN7 #JesseVenturaBelieves Roger Ebert ate thermite popcorn @23Jupiter #JesseVenturaBelieves that UDTs were SEALs in 1975 @CeaSerin #JesseVenturaBelieves that Bigfoot is gay for Zach Efron. @alloutofsalt #JesseVenturaBelieves Lee Harvey Oswald was just trying to remove JFKs hat @jgamroth #jesseventurabelieves That JFK was killed by the Nabisco corporation @djprofit0916 #JesseVenturaBelieves that Lyle 'Chip' Chipperson is the only exception to the middle name rule. @Falldog #JesseVenturaBelieves Fez is straight @bklyn_willie #JesseVenturaBelieves George the Animal Steele was a handsome fella. @MarkS_Art #JesseVenturaBelieves he can take the smoke monster. @dregman #JesseVenturaBelieves he CAN touch MC Hammer. @abadidol #JesseVenturaBelieves the Economy crashed itself. @BakeBrains #JesseVenturaBelieves that #coreyfeldmanishurting @JQuincyKing #JesseVenturaBelieves Sidney Crosby sucks cock because male ejaculate gives him powers

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