Otaku Evolution Episode 152 - Cromartie High School


It's been a while since I used the Bancho Truth character, and I probably should have utilized him in that Megazone 23 Part II review. It's just hard to find delinquent/bōsōzoku-related anime that's been both dubbed and is tolerable enough to review. If only I'd created the character before I reviewed Wild 7, I could have had him in that. Ah well. I just don't know when it would next be appropriate to use him. But I guess he's just a gimmick I can do without.

Nevertheless, I'm reviewing Cromartie High School, albeit not very seriously. The show certainly doesn't take itself that way. I feel like in some ways it's Azumanga Daioh with boys. You're sure to see why I don't review many comedies, though, as it can be difficult to sparse why something is or isn't funny beyond very personal tastes. Still, this show hits more than it misses.

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