Otaku Evolution Episode 161 - Stand By Me Doraemon

It's not often an anime gets me teary-eyed, and embarrassing as it is, this one did, and I wasn't expecting it. Sure, Doraemon as a franchise is family-friendly and leans heavily on the warmth of childhood fantasy, so you would expect Stand By Me Doraemon to try to tug at the heartstrings as shamelessly as possible. Well, it succeeded.

It's kind of weird that, even though this has an English dub, it was never released over here. I mean, it even features the likes of Johnny Yong Bosch, Mona Marshall, and Spike Sp--- Spike Spencer?! Well, no production is perfect. Anyway, it's a solid dub, Americanizations aside. They should really get this one out on Blu-Ray over here sometime.


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