Preview of Gundam Double Zeta English Dub

Bandai Entertainment just released this clip!

Nah, I'm just kidding. You can pretty clearly see this is an Animax dub. But seriously, the original Mobile Suit Gundam is going to be released in biligual DVDs from Bandai Entertainment sometime soon.

ZZ hasn't been licensed, and might not ever be. But then again, Turn A was licensed. Won't be getting a dub, though.

Ah Animax and their God

Ah Animax and their God awful english dubs (Their Urusei Yatsura dub is just as horrific.)

Edit: Wait, MSG 79 is finally get a Japanese track release?! YES!!! Furuya, Furukawa and co. FTW!

Yeah, just go over to ANN.

Yeah, just go over to ANN. They've got news about it. I'm pretty jazzed about it, too.

It's funny because I'm not

You know, it's kinda funny I'm so hyped about this because I'm not really a Gundam fan (Or mecha fan (Eva excluded)) to begin with.
The only Gundam I really like is the original with Char being a badass and Amuro getting bitch slapped and what not.
SEED and Wing are among some of the worst anime I've ever seen (Though to Wing's credit, it's tolerable in comparison to the downright trainwreck that is SEED.)

On second thought, I might want to give Turn A Gundam I think it's called a chance (Mainly due to really good word of mouth. And Romi Park.) Is it really that good Penguin?

I think it's pretty good

I think it's pretty good myself, but it gets mixed reactions.

Dah If only I still had

Dah If only I still had episode 46. "Mashymere died like a dog and Ham-in and didn't get shown"

Turn A Gundam

Is it true that Turn A Gundam was licensed by Bandai for a North American english Dub release.

Where can i view or purchase

Where can i view or purchase the ZZ series with the animax dub? Is it even possible, if not then damnnnnnnnn.

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