The end of imgDump


Well, the time has finally come. imgDump will become a memory of internet past.

Why you ask? The cost. Since our big server jump a year ago it's cost me around €25, ad revenue only brings in about €7, monthly. At the end of this month that price is slated to nearly double, something I can't keep supporting from my pockets anymore.

Thus, it must come to an end, but we will have a swan song. There are two things I'm planing if I can sort the logistics.

1. Per requests I will archive and upload individual galleries for fans to download mass. If you really like [obscure anime] then soon you will probably be able to shoot me an email and I'll follow up with an archive. I kept imgDump going for so long because I believed everyone should have free access to the images, let's keep that alive a bit longer.

2. Some of my personal favorites, perhaps some popular ones as well, will be moved to a scaled down gallery. Not sure what will get the treatment, but it'll probably series' I'm a particular fan of. Think FMA, Gurren Lagann, Macross, or Soul Eater. Others that could get swung over would be akin to Evangelion or Bleach.

Hopefully these last schemes of mine work out. Time will tell.

It's been fun.

P.S. - Over the past year we've had over 3,850,000 page views. Thanks for stopping by!