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Opie and Anthony 'are no longer needed' at 92.3 K-ROCK in NYC as terrestrial radio drives another nail into its coffin.

The station is making an insane format flip. From rock to "top 40" horse shit. 92.3 Now will feature over played drivel such as "Kanye West, Beyonce, Pink, Flo-Rida, Akon, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake." You have to wonder what programming director would chose Katy Perry to be one of the "core artists" when she only has one popular album (featuring average reviews at best). Well that would be Dom Theodore who went on to prove he knows nothing about music,

For the first time in nearly 30 years, New York now has a choice for hit music," said Theodore. "With 92.3 NOW FM we're breaking the mold of the traditional radio station and creating a pure multi-media companion for today's music fans.

It's a little known fact but up till 2008 New Yorkers were unable to listen to hit music. Additionally 92.3 Now will be the first to "break the mold" via the use of repetition and commercials.

Nothing like ditching original content and plugging in a worn out iPod shuffle to jazz up revenue.

While one would guess this loss was due to poor ratings, that was not the case. "#2 M18-49,#3 M25-54." Hopefully the boys are taken in by another station the area with a manager who has some inkling of intelligence.

Until then it looks like the show will continue on Sirius XM despite choppy waters there as well. The show goes on tomorrow (3/10/09) with guests Russell Brand and Steven Adler (GnR).

This would be a great opportunity to drive listeners to XM had the merger not watered down content and management.

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