Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 86 Review

Episode 86, "A New God! The Dragonballs are Finally Revived"

"SPEAK NO EVIL!""Wow, Super Saiyan farts smell like sunshine!"


Synopsis: Goku wakes Kaio from his nap. He explains the situation on Earth and asks for him to find the Namekians. Kaio searches and finds their general direction. Goku concentrates on the direction, detecting the Namekians' ki, then teleports to their new planet. There he meets Mouri, now the new Saichoro. Goku requests one of them come back to Earth with him and Mouri suggests Dende. The two teleport back to Kami's palace. At the Kame House, a martial artist named Mr. Satan declares his intention to beat Cell on television, insisting that Cell is just using tricks. Goku teleports in and teleports back to Kami's palace with Gohan and Kuririn, who are happy to see Dende again. Dende says that it will take 100 days to make new Dragon Balls. Popo produces a model of Shenron so the Dragon Balls can be revived immediately. Dende revives the Dragon Balls, which shine again. Everybody wonders about Goku's casual attitude. Goku visits Bulma to get the Dragon Radar, then goes off to gather the Dragon Balls. Time passes and the day of the Cell Games finally arrives (with Cell being bored). On the day of the fight, Goku teleports to Kami's palace to get Gohan and the others (but Vegeta went off on his own). They all fly off to face Cell.

Witness the exciting culture of the Namekians. "Please take me, Mr. Goku. They... they touch me here."


This episode brings to mind a few questions I've had about this part of the story. Despite this being my favorite story arc in the franchise, I'd like to know a few things that I can't seem to figure out just by watching the show.

For instance, why can't the Dragon Balls work now that Kami and Piccolo are fused? Neither Kami nor Piccolo are dead. Why can't they work? It seems like a poor excuse to get Dende back into the story. And why does the Namekian Goku chooses to revive the Dragon Balls necessarily have to take over as the next God? I mean, isn't there some kind of normal succession practice to be God? Didn't "the son of Katats" have to train under the previous Kami? Goku brings back Dende and suddenly, "Okay, he's a Namekian, so he's qualified." I know they're pressed for time, but just making him Kami right away? Isn't there supposed to be some kind of passage of power or something? I guess at this point Kami is a pretty worthless being, so there's no need.

Anyway, Aya Hirano returns as Dende, and even though it's stunt casting, she's really good in the role. I know there's quite a bit of hype backlash against Hirano, especially from neckbeards who are appalled that she said she had a boyfriend. That's just silly. She's a decent singer and quite a good voice actress. Maybe not one of the best ever, but she always suits the roles she plays, Dende included. Her Dende has a great energy to it.

I know that he's their friend, and he's saved the world before, but I don't know, I'd be a little hesitant to just trust Goku that everything's going to turn out just fine. I might start looking for a way to wish the people of Earth onto a distant planet or maybe have Goku teleport Cell to a distant planet to buy them some more time. Some of these guys are a little too trusting for their own good.

"Mr. Satan isn't intimidated by time stamps!""FIVE MINUTES! Heheh, now I'm doing it!"

Overall Score:

3 out of 5

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