Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 Episode 18 – Jibun Woah



For the first time, I couldn’t really find ONE good image from this episode. So like I did with Escaflowne, here is this episode’s Four Perfect Shots. Seriously, it’s really goddamn pretty. In fact, those aren’t the most perfect of shots. Also no, don’t get mad that one of em is Galli-Galli, you pretty much knew the moment he spoke under that mask Vidar was Galli-Galli. The true pleasure though, is what happened to him during the interim between seasons.

Otaku Evolution Episode 83 - Birth


It's another year, and it's time for the first brand new episode of Otaku Evolution of 2017! In this video, I look at the 1984 sci-fi-action-comedy-curiosity, Birth! It was once released by Streamline Pictures as Planet Busters, but the version I'm reviewing is from the more accurate ADV release from the early aughts. It's a really strange feature that boasts of talents like Hideaki Anno and Joe Hisaishi, but besides some interesting visuals, it's a whole lot of nothing!

Sounds scintillating, right? Of course.

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 Episode 16 – Third Pit Stop on the Road to Renewed Strength and Promise [SPOILERS]



You know an episode has it in for its protagonists if a catharsis one has been hoping for such a very long time does not come to fruition. Yes, Iok is not dead yet. In fact he is as alive and chipper as his usual annoying self is, and thus we all must wait once more for his demise. The only consolation we can seize from this is Rustal is rather blasé about this whole thing, and did not adulate the slightest bit towards Iok’s decision.

Open Letter To Netflix: Please Release Anime Episodes On A Weekly Basis


Dear Netflix,

Like many anime fans, I was completely blown away by 2013's Little Witch Academia, which was made by Studio Trigger for the Young Animator Training Project's Anime Mirai showcase. Fan enthusiasm was so high that when a sequel was announced later that same year, a Kickstarter campaign launched to fund its extension to 50 minutes met its $150,000 goal within hours, and eventually raised a total of over $625,000. Clearly fans around the world were extremely passionate about this franchise.

This same passion reached a fever pitch with the announcement that Little Witch Academia would be made into a proper series airing in early 2017. However, when fans discovered that Netflix had acquired the streaming rights for the show, their excitement suffered a blow, due to the way Netflix releases its content.