Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 Episode 07 – Catharsis


Now this is the kind of balls to the wall action I wanted around the time of episode 3. The intensity and great choreography is there, but more importantly it has the emotional core and tension I thought was missing in the space battle. The initial fight, which had Maccy go up against Takaki and Aston, and be BESTED by both of them is a very good affair, and almost had me think at the time how he would taken down a peg and set back a few spaces by injury, capture, or maybe death.

Otaku Evolution Episode 77 - Goku Midnight Eye


This month I'm doing a Yoshiaki Kawajiri theme, kicking it off with a two-part OVA based on a work by Buichi Terasawa (creator of Space Adventure Cobra), Goku Midnight Eye! He doesn't have a cloud to fly on and he can't become Super Saiyan Blue, but this Goku does have an extending bo like a certain other Goku! Add to that his ability to basically dominate technology, and you have... well, kind of an OP hero, who somehow still struggles. But hey, at least he can make a boss car.


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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 Episode 06 – Battle of The Plains of Alberta


Like the Edmonton battle before it, the battle in this episode starts in media res, taking place two weeks after the events that transpired in the previous show. Unfortunately for Takaki, Aston, and the rest of the Earth-based Tekkadan members, they’re smack dab in the kind of warfare they are not familiar with. It turns out I was wrong last week when I said the bearded man is another name for Kamen Galli-Galli, but the guy who’s now heading Tekkadan’s battle operations, Galan Mossa.

Otaku Evolution Episode 76 - Paranoia Agent


In my spooky Halloween episode for 2016 (a very frightening year!), I don't go for ghouls and ghosts, nor zombies and witches, but a monster borne from the very human mind and the cultural around us! But what does this say about my own demons? It's about time Satoshi Kon got his due on my show as I take a look at Paranoia Agent!


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