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Yes, it's that time again, time for

This years gift is an unopened copy of the Atomic Bomb Collection. The collection features three great films narrated by William Shatner, Trinity and Beyond, Atomic Journeys, and Nukes in Space. Complete with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and a musical score provided by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

Gift Ideas for the Creative Geek


Looking to spice up your holiday gift ideas? Not sure what to get the electronically inclined family member? Below are some simple gift ideas and ways to personalize that everyone is sure to love.

iPods (or other MP3 Players)

iPods are great gifts. They’re relatively inexpensive and nearly everyone can find a use for one. Unfortunately it’s an easy gift to screw up. If they just received an iPod within the last couple of years that’s still working great, getting them another would just be a waste. The “new” features aren’t worth the money when things are working great. Upgrading to gain more space, however, would be a reasonable premise.

Sometimes, Digg Confuses Me


Throughout the primaries and presidential election of 2008 I was witness to some of the most ignorant speech regarding candidates on Digg. From both sides, Democrat and Conservative. To be fair, some of the most idiotic shit came from the conservatives trying to muster false accusations against Obama.

This leads to the fact that Digg is a primarily liberal place, especially with the application of technology and electronic freedom. One thing that should follow alongside that idea is the freedom of speech. The freedom to say anything you like (to some sort of reasonable extent, e.g. shouting fire in a movie theater) regardless of what other people think. Somehow, I think Digg disagrees.

Quantum of Solace Left Me Shaken, Not Stirred



I just came back from watching Quantum of Solace. I've been a huge Bond films fan for several years, having watched most of them three or four times, or where great, possibly more. Granted, not all Bond films are created equal, though they may seem like it to the untrained eye, the casual fan. This is okay. It's all right if the Bond movies are just an enjoyable romp with gadgets and villains for you. It's all right not to expect much from them, because you likely haven't looked at them as any more than action films. But, for me, I've become somewhat more selective. And so, for the past few Bond movies, I've been somewhat unimpressed.

Bond Reloaded, does Quantum live to expectations?


Maybe Royale gave me far to high expectations, but I was very disappointed in this movie.

Warning. Warning. Warning. Spoilers to follow. Read at your own risk....

The major thorn was the plot. It couldn't decide whether to full pull from everything that occurred in Casino Royale or if it should break off altogether and develop a new story line. It is because of this that traditional Bond plot aspects, such as the central villain, suffer. More time is dedicated to Bond and his broken, revenge seeking, heart. While tying into the last film is a good thing using it as a crutch is not. Mr. White should have allowed them to venture off into something bigger. Instead that pending discovery was hindered by the same ghosts of the past. With any luck the third Craig installment will feature a dedicated development of the mysterious Quantum of Solace group.

Third Time's No Charm: The Problem Of Tenchi Muyo OVA 3


Third Time's No Charm: The Problem Of Tenchi Muyo OVA 3

(SPOILERS AHEAD, but don't worry, the third OVA is shit, so if its spoiled, it won't matter.)

Anime, you might say, is a passion of mine, and growing up, an OVA by the name of Tenchi Muyo! (or, "No Need For Tenchi!") aired on the little-known Turner cable television channel, Cartoon Network. It was on the now deceased Toonami block, airing in the afternoon/early evening hours. It had been advertized for a while. "Coming soon: Tenchi Muyo! Love stinks." All right, I thought. Looks good. Science fiction, comedy, maybe some romance. I'd seen a little of the first movie, dubbed, on the Sci-Fi Channel's Saturday morning anime block. I was wondering what it was really all about.