Dear Firefod design developers...


I'm sorry but the default Mac theme for Firefox 3?

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It's absolute rubbish. The old default theme for FF2 was a lot better.

According to FF's website...

"""Platform-Native Look & Feel

The new Firefox looks and feels like home. Think of it as a Firefox who’s really good at making friends. Whether you use Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac or Linux, the browser seamlessly integrates into your computer’s environment. A native look makes for a flawless interface that never gives you pause."""""

That's just awful. I don't want Firefox to look like the rest of Finder's gray gradients. Maybe if it were just one, okay. But I'm looking at at least four different ones right now. WTF....a;foiasd;fohas;kdhfklasdhfklashf

I need another beer.

Spore: Best and Worst of Creature Creator


With the much anticipated "release" of Spore's Creature Creator fans world wide have begun to craft their own computer generated beings with ease. For better or worse some of these initial creations have taken an odd turn toward the "obscene."

Note that the small PNG's apparently contain the data to load the creature into Spore on your end. I haven't given it a shot yet, but if it works, awesome.

The Best
Zerg (StarCraft)

Alien (Alien)

Strider (Half Life 2)

Bug (Starship Troopers)

FOX rips off Cover Flow


Less than half an hour ago I sat down to catch some classic Simpsons, particularly Radio Bart, the one where Bart ticked Springfield about a boy being stuck in a well, later to fall in himself.

During an early commercial break I noticed something familiar, Apple's Cover Flow. However to my surprise it wasn't yet another cheesy Mac ad, but a commercial for the local FOX 5 News...