Chuck Huber

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 04 Review

Episode 4, "An Alchemist's Distress" "Oh, hey. You're just in time for the HORRIBLE TRAGEDY."*****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: While a mysterious scarred man kills State Alchemists, Ed and Al are introduced to Shou Tucker, the "Life-Sewing Alchemist", an expert in chimeras, and his young daughter Nina. Edward researches, but takes time to play with Nina, as well. Tucker frets over his upcoming assessment, and makes a tragic decision leading to an abomination, much to the horror of the brothers. However, vengeance is metted out by the mysterious man. Comments: Huh. I've got to say, this was actually a pretty well dubbed episode. I was pleasantly surprised, actually. Vic Mignogna's Edward Elric comes dangerously close to competence in the key scene with Tucker and the chimera Nina. Maxey Whitehead's Alphonse is finally audible and does quite well.

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