The End of News

The last month heralded a change in how I get my news. The warning signs were there yet I didn't see it coming. The decline in revenue across the news industry, the expansion of independent 'Mom & Pop' bloggers, and even promotional stories detailing evens to come. Thanks to the senseless actions of hackers operating from the inside two sites have ceased to exist as we knew them, Digg.com and News8.net. Both Digg and News8 meant a lot to my daily digital routine. Throughout the day I would visit each site to discover world happenings ranging from local to international events. While not all the news on these sites interested me specifically there was more than enough to quash celebrity gossip and yet another stolen picture with the words "FAIL" paste upon it, almost ironically. News8.net was the website run by Washington DC's 'News Channel 8,' a subsidiary of the local ABC affiliate.

Digg: What I Learned

Today, the social news site Digg was down for quite some time. Without something to distract me from everyday work all was almost lost... if not for some alternativewebsite suggestions by Digg staff members. These suggestions were pretty straight forward, featuring great time killers like xkcd and Atom Films. Others, however, were able to shine a light on the inside of Kevin Rose's fellow employees...

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