Otaku Evolution Episode 189 - Trigun

While not holding up entirely, Trigun is, overall, a pretty fun television series that can proudly stand apart from the manga. There are definitely episodes that are significantly better than others, but you can find that in even the best anime. What I think I like the most about Trigun is that it's a unique experience. I mean, name another anime that's even somewhat like it. I mean, aside from (vaguely) Kenshin, but Trigun is more than just "Kenshin with guns" or "space western Kenshin". I was happy to revisit it.


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A Trip Down Memory Lane, Part 1

This past weekend I had the fortune of visiting my folks back home for the 4th of July weekend. While home I decided to dig out two of my toy chests, giant plastic bins, with a hodgepodge of toys from every point in my life. My main intent was to photograph some of the more memorable items. Perhaps these toys are pretty kick ass, perhaps my nostalgia glasses are on full blast, but either way it was good to see some of them again. For the most part most of my old toys are in pretty worn condition, some barely exist anymore. Take for instance what's left of my beloved Optimus Prime G2…
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