ANIME TOP TEN (LIST #2) - #2: Spirited Away (2001)



Director(s): Hayao Miyazaki
Script: Hayao  Miyazaki 
Music: Joe Hisaishi
Spirited Away is a movie that has a tremendous effect on me that some other Miyazaki movies also have. And that is that it summons feelings about my childhood. I'm not old enough to wax nostalgic about this movie. When I say there's a nostalgic feeling from the film, it comes from it's teleporting me to some amazing world that feels like a child's imagination. Now, the world of spirit bath houses may not be the precise flavor of my childhood dreams, but it's roughly in the same ballpark. I feel almost like I've been in that world at some point a long time ago, if just in my mind. Besides which, the movie has superb production values, with beautiful detail and endearing musical score, all which helps in creating a wonderous world. I could swear I've been on that train, too. 

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