Using Chain Email to Spread Political Suggestions

At some point, probably earlier this year, someone drove down a boat ramp... truck first. Of course in this day and age someone was near by with a camera and snapped a quick shot. You might find one swing your way complete with a little humorous, probably fabricated, story. One example,

So here it is.

I just bought a new boat and decided to take 'er for the maiden voyage this past weekend. This is my first boat and I wasn't quite sure of the exact Standard Operating Procedures for launching it off a ramp, but I figured it couldn’t be too hard. I consulted my local boat dealer for advice, but they just said "don't let the trailer get too deep when you are trying to launch the boat". Well, I don’t know what they meant by that as I could barely get the trailer in the water at all! Anyhow, here's a picture. See for yourself. What am I doing wrong?

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It's currently in the process of being passed around the 'net through websites, and everyone's arch nemesis, the chain email. As with all chain letters each version is just slightly different than the next. Unfortunately this example has been hijacked by someone with an obvious political leaning...

9-12 DC Tea Bag Protest, Debunking Moilanen and Creating an Estimate - Update #3

There's a new document floating around the internet entitled "The Real Number of Protesters at the 9/12 Washington D.C. March" by a Zac Moilanen of Indiana University. It, falsely, attempts to calculate and show the number of protesters at the recent 9-12 march and rally that occurred in DC. I'm told it was recently referenced by FOX News' Glenn Beck. In all honesty, the rally was little different from the ones that occurred this past summer across the US. Apparently the only outcome from this event has been debate about the amount of protesters who participated. The participants and advocates for them immediately claimed an amazing 2 million participated while the DC Fire Department estimated 60,000 to 70,000. The right wing "blogosphere" has even posted picture of other large DC rallies as evidence of the larger number. I attempt to address that issue, and the Moilanen document, here.

Brainwashing? Think of it as cleansing them of (your) idiocy.


Oh, lordy, lordy. Won't anyone please save the children from our evil, socialist dictator President and his speech on the importance of education?!

This is the new mental illness of the right, that Obama is going to hypnotize school children into being some sort of Lenin-worshipping communist puppets of the state. How? Why, by talking to them via TV broadcast about... here we go... the importance of staying in school!

Dun dun dunnnnn!

Oh, but it can't be that simple! I'm sure Hitler... er, I mean, Obama, has some sort of spiral wheel spinning in the background to lull the children to sleep as he whispers words of liberalism into their fresh, squishy young minds. Soon, they'll be thinking of evil things such as helping the environment and helping out their fellow man!


What's with all these "Obama birthers"? Is it that Republicans, so shocked by having a well-read, educated, somewhat liberal President in the White House, are so desperately grasping at straws to deny his validty as a leader they have to go this far even now? Is it just political sour grapes, or are conservative types really this delusional? I suppose when all your guidance in life comes from a book of hijacked Pagan myths and private conversations with an invisible sky father, your logic and reason is a little out of whack. Time and time again he has been proven to be a native citizen of the United States. Factcheck.org, Politifact, even Fox News (in the past, before this become a good way to smear the already-sitting president) has reported on his certification as geniune. Even the Republican governor of the state Obama was born in, Hawaii, has had it examined and proven to be real. Now this stupid Major Cook story has brought these fringe imbeciles to the forefront again.

"Change" critics don't have a clue

Since Obama has taken office I have become sick. Sick of every ignorant motherfucker who feel the need to make some sort of play on Obama's campaign motto, "Change we can believe in," every time something arises to which they disagree with.

I can't seem to wrap my head around what these people represent. Are they Republicans who didn't pay attention to anything during the election other than party affiliation? Are they Democrats who spent the last few months in a magical fantasy land? Regardless of their affiliation they're apparently the most unqualified people to comment on the current political situation in the US.

Somewhere along the lines people must have gotten it into their head that Obama would force the government into a 180. That every element they disapproved of would suddenly be fixed overnight once Obama took office. Fools, the lot of you.

Sometimes, Digg Confuses Me

Throughout the primaries and presidential election of 2008 I was witness to some of the most ignorant speech regarding candidates on Digg. From both sides, Democrat and Conservative. To be fair, some of the most idiotic shit came from the conservatives trying to muster false accusations against Obama. This leads to the fact that Digg is a primarily liberal place, especially with the application of technology and electronic freedom. One thing that should follow alongside that idea is the freedom of speech. The freedom to say anything you like (to some sort of reasonable extent, e.g. shouting fire in a movie theater) regardless of what other people think. Somehow, I think Digg disagrees.

Experience you say?

Disclaimer: I apologize for all the links and facts...it's just information to support my point.

First of all…WAY TO GO OBAMA!

That’s right! Obama has officially secured the amount of delegates necessary to be the 2008 Democratic Nominee for President. After 52 primaries the Democratic Party can now, hopefully (and in theory), unite together and work towards winning in November.

This morning, I was watching a clip on YouTube of Barack Obama’s victory speech from Minnesota. While watching I scrolled down and read some comments STILL about Obama’s “inexperience.” Now I don’t know people’s party affiliation (not that there is a huge difference between Republicans and Democrats in the grand scheme of things), but when people talk about Obama’s “inexperience” I get pretty flustered. AND I turn to looking at the FACTS…

Sexism and Hillary Clinton...please

Disclaimer: Yes I know the following information is out of date and Obama has secured the nomination. Yes, this is a political rant and rave. No, I am not some sort of expert of politics nor do I think I am. With that said...This was a blog post that I had on another site from May 22, but I felt like sharing it, because it's my account and I can do that.
Who will go up against John McCain in November? The answer to this question seems close at hand. According to CNN (as of Thursday May 22, 2008), Barack Obama now leads the total delegate count with 1,962 delegates; leaving 1,777 for the Senator from New York – Hillary Clinton. This is a substantial lead for Obama with the Democratic National Convention inching ever closer. However, as the end draws near the Clinton campaign has turned up the whining – in true female style.

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