Otaku Evolution Episode 130 - Year End English Dub Review V


I know nobody gives a crap about my dumb sprite padding material, most especially because if you hadn't ever read my comic strips, there's about zero context, and you can't even read them anymore, except the sparse amount I put up on my DeviantArt gallery. The whole "storyline" bullshit? It's for me. It's basically just for me to work out story ideas I had that I never got to in my strips. Hopefully it provides some kind of atmosphere, regardless of context. But that aside, while I am committed to doing *less* of it in 2019, you'll still see it. It's not like I get any more or less views in videos that have it.

Anyway, as usual, I'm evaluating the English dubs of all the anime I covered in the second half of the year, from Cowboy Bebop's to Sailor Moon S: The Movie's. We got a couple of Animaze dubs, two from New Generation Pictures, two from Industrial Smoke & Mirrors, and some others. But I also wanted to chime in on that whole Evangelion Netflix redub issue while it was still a (relatively) fresh topic.

Seriously, who wants that old cast returning? Not me. But hey, sometimes there are dubs others like that I just don't get why. I like the majority of popular dubs, but occasionally I depart from the consensus. I'm just surprised the consensus was that the Eva dub was good. I've never seen it ranked high on anyone's "favorite anime dubs" lists.

Enjoy the video. I'll return in February or March. Though I'll be working on material for new videos in the meanwhile. Until then... see ya!

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