Sexism and Hillary Clinton...please

Disclaimer: Yes I know the following information is out of date and Obama has secured the nomination. Yes, this is a political rant and rave. No, I am not some sort of expert of politics nor do I think I am. With that said...This was a blog post that I had on another site from May 22, but I felt like sharing it, because it's my account and I can do that.
Who will go up against John McCain in November? The answer to this question seems close at hand. According to CNN (as of Thursday May 22, 2008), Barack Obama now leads the total delegate count with 1,962 delegates; leaving 1,777 for the Senator from New York – Hillary Clinton. This is a substantial lead for Obama with the Democratic National Convention inching ever closer. However, as the end draws near the Clinton campaign has turned up the whining – in true female style.

Last night I was watching CNN Politics and one little word caught my attention – sexism. My first thought: “Oh great, Clinton is losing so she pulls out the sexist card from her right back pocket.” An article in the Washington Post by Lois Romano titled “Clinton puts up a new fight” states:

“In an interview after church services in Bowling Green on Sunday, Clinton for the first time addressed what women have been talking about for months, what she refers to as the ‘sexist’ treatment she has endured at the hands of the pundits, media and others. The lewd T-shirts. The man who shouted ‘Iron my shirt’ at a campaign event. The references to her cleavage and her cackle.”

When it comes to the media, according to Margery Eagan in a Boston Herald article titled “Female fans put Hillary Clinton before Democratic Party,” Clinton of course is referring to “Hillary-bashing pundits Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and, try as he might to hide it, even the sainted Tim Russert.”

I sympathize with Clinton on some of the sexist issues that she has encountered. As a fellow female, I know I would be offended if a man screamed at me to iron his shirt. We are out of the 1950’s and I’m sorry, I like to be just as lazy as some of my male friends when it comes to laundry. However, it is a fact that women are trapped by a glass ceiling. When male CEO’s are making more money than female CEO’s in American business this isn’t necessarily right and fair. But, unlike the die hard feminist I accept this fact and remain satisfied to make money period; especially in an economy where gas prices are predicted to reach $5.00 per gallon by the end of the year and my college debt increases exponentially. Basically, it all boils down to the company you keep. If I meet a sexist man, I really doubt I’m going to be his friend. That would be like a Jew hugging Hitler.

My Clinton sympathy comes to a screeching halt when her supporters begin claiming that sexism is to blame for Clinton’s lag in the delegate race. According to Eagan, “growing numbers of Democratic women - including the pro-choice and anti-war - are threatening to bolt the party if Barack Obama is the nominee.” I read this and was absolutely appalled. Correct me if I’m wrong dear feminists, but what you’re saying is you will ditch the Democratic Party and vote for Bush III just because Clinton didn’t win the nomination? Your saintly female candidate that is, “breaking historic ground” (Romano 2008), is only really breaking the bank with her campaign now 20 million dollars in debt (CNN 2008).

Political candidates all have their fair share of adversity in the media lime light. Let us not forget Obama’s not so reverent, Reverend and I wonder why Obama didn’t win West Virginia, Kentucky or dare I say…Mississippi? Really though, Clinton doesn’t want to focus on that:

“When asked if she thinks this campaign has been racist, she says she does not. And she circles back to the sexism” (Romano 2008).

But hey, if the feminists want to throw temper tantrums and protest voting because Clinton isn’t on the ticket; let them do so. Unfortunately, these are the times that I am most ashamed of my own sex. Seriously, nothing gets better results than throwing a female hormone inspired hissy fit. Give me a break!


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