Voice Actor Comparison: Dragon Ball/Z/GT - Son Goku (Adult) (EDITED)

I'm just asking for trouble here, aren't I? Here goes!
Original Video - More videos at TinyPic My pick: Masako Nozawa Reasoning: Nozawa's adult Goku is a great evolution of her child Goku, retaining a very childlike wonder and charm to it, and Goku's pureheartedness, with a brilliant delivery that brings the character to life. I like how there are all these little nuances to it. Kelamis captures some of Goku's spirit in the same manner, but can be very inconsistent with his delivery, and of course doesn't have those little nuances Nozawa does. Schemmel's current Goku is pretty decent, but not what I prefer. It's a huge improvement from his Z days. Breakdown: Nozawa > Kelamis > Schemmel (in Kai) > Schemmel (in Z) = Corlett = Morrow = Ramirez = Yurk = Watson > Big Green Dub Voice And no, I won't be surprised if Sean Schemmel gets the most support. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. (EDIT): Jeffery Watson clip now added.

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