Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 72


Episode 72, "Surpass Super Saiyan! Now, Into the Room of Spirit and Time", or "Plenty of Closet Space"

My money's on Chi-Chi in this battle."Oh hey, Gohan. Hey insignificant characters."

Synopsis: Goku teleports to the plane where his friends are. He tells them that he's going to train with Gohan somewhere where they can train for a year in one day, the Room of Spirit and Time. He teleports himself and his son away, admitting that he's both scared and excited. Goku and Gohan teleport to Vegeta and Gohan. He approaches Vegeta with the idea. Vegeta insists that he be the first one in the room. The Artificial Humans find that Goku isn't home, but 16 has Kame House in his memory banks, so they decide to head there. At Kami's palace, Mr. Popo leads the Saiyans to the Room of Spirit of Time. Vegeta and Trunks enter first to train. Inside the room, Trunks is startled to see a vast space of complete whiteness. Piccolo, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and Yamucha return to the Kame House, where 16, 17, and 18 arrive. Piccolo challenges 17, who wants to fight him one-on-one. Piccolo warns him that it won't be the same as the last time he fought them. Piccolo powers up and Goku and Gohan can detect it from Kami's palace. Piccolo engages Artificial Human 17 in battle, and they exchange blows, with Piccolo doing well. The Artificial Humans are surprised.
*GLOMP*"It could use a little paint."

I really enjoy the music at the beginning of the episode when Goku is preparing to leave the Kame House and has another unusually sweet moment with Chi-Chi (that is almost ruined by the bit with Kamesennin and the door knob... not funny). However, when they do that scene where Goku's friends are surprised to see him and Kuririn glomps so hard he puts a hole in the side of the airplane (which gets fixed pretty quickly, for some reason), I thought the music came across overly comical for an emotional reunion. It's also interesting to note that Kuririn is the one most excited about Goku's return, not his son.

Proof of Masako Nozawa's absolute brilliance in the role of Goku is in this episode. When Goku casually looks over at Piccolo and says, "Kamiccolo-sama!" is so great. Nozawa delivers it with such a warm, childlike affection. And a moment later she is able to switch to a more serious, determined sounding, more adult sounding Goku. Another delivery I love is when Kuririn asks him if he's scared or excited about Cell, and he says, "Both." Nozawa really gives him a sense of charm. Maybe Sean Schemmel will hit those parts well, too, given his improvement for the dub of Kai, but Nozawa is a tough act to follow. She makes Goku seem geniune, even though his voice is defnitely strange. You really end up buying that this is the character's voice. I'm convinced that people who dislike it haven't given it enough of a chance.

I have an interesting question about the Room of Spirit and Time. What goes into its upkeep? If there's food in there, surely it needs to be replaced from time to time. After a day, it's already a year old. Wouldn't you have to keep coming out of the room to get more food? Is there some special property of the room that it keeps food fresh the whole time? And do they just keep food in there all the time in case somebody needs to use it?

Well, I guess with all the questions you could ask about that room, this is probably pretty trivial. I'll just settle with the Joe Q explanation of, "It's magic, we don't have to explain it."

Piccolo never misses an episode of this show."POW, bitch!"
Overall Score:

3 out of 5