Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 85 Review


Episode 85, "An Interrupted Rest! The Self-Defense Army Launches a General Offensive Against Cell"

"Dad, do you ever get that 'less than fresh' feeling?" "All the time, Gohan. All the time.""ME SO SOLLY, ENGRISHMAN. ME THROW ROCK. INSCRUTIBLE CHINAMAN, TEEHEE."


Synopsis: Cell flies into space and destroys a giant meteor, causing meteorites to fall onto Earth. Goku, Gohan, and Kuririn relax by a stream in their Super Saiyan forms. Kuririn apologizes for not destroying Artificial Human 18, thus letting Cell reach his Perfect Form, but Goku is glad to be able to fight somebody powerful. Kuririn is amazed at how relaxed Goku is. Piccolo emerges from the Room of Spirit and Time and Vegeta goes in. The King of the World announces a military deployment to fight Cell as Bulma examines Artificial Human 16. Chi-Chi sets up a picnic lunch for Goku, Gohan, and Kuririn as Goku assures them everything will work out. The world military launches an attack on Cell, which is completely worthless. Cell easily destroys their forces. Goku teleports to Kami's palace wanting to revive the Dragon Balls to bring the soldiers back to life. He figures that he can go find a new Kami among the Namekians, but he can't detect any similar ki to Piccolo's, so he decides he'll go consult Kaio. The King of the World announces the failure of the military and hopes somebody will come and save them like the boy who saved them from Piccolo Daimao years earlier.

"Ah! Ice cream headache!""I did not have sex with that woman...'s leg."


Even though it doesn't make for exciting viewing, I like some of the casual interaction between the characters. For instance, in the beginning, Gohan recalls that Goku promised they would go fishing way back during the fight with the Saiyans. Goku doesn't even remember that; he just wanted to go fishing. Seeing Goku and Gohan resting in the grass, Kuririn tesing Goku's readiness (only to actually hurt Goku with a rock), the picnic, driving into town (I guess Goku did learn how to drive after all, though I'm sure it helped nobody else was around), stuff like that was actually all right. It really plays to Goku's casual attitude, despite the serious situation facing them.

I noticed that Artificial Human 18's image song, "My 18th Magic" played over the radio in the Son family car. I guess she released that single before she was cyberized. Maybe Dr. Gero kidnapped a young pop star and her brother? We also got to hear Cell's image song, too. It looks like they ran out of placed to put these things and just decided to put them both in the same episode. Maybe it's because neither song is particularly great and they thought putting it in an unimportant episode is better than putting it somewhere it might fuck up an important scene.

Oh hey, it's that King of the World dog man! That's pretty awesome. We haven't seen him since the original series' Piccolo Diamao arc. Though he must not be that great as a leader, because look how he handles this crisis. "Well, we're screwed. Might as well pray that some epic kid comes along and saves our asses."


"Does anyone else hear 'Rock You Like A Hurricane'?""Eyyyyy!"

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5

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