Grunt MS Group Build - Purple Nemo WIP 2

This is a participating project in GAF's Grunt MS Group Build


Been awhile since I updated with any progress on this kit. Things have been sorta slow going. Partly due to the demands of work and partly due to the difficulty getting parts the proper color. Priming to white is a lot more difficult than I thought it would.


Anyhow, some photos. Starting with the purple bits...


Purple Nemo WIP 2 1

Purple Nemo WIP 2 2

Purple Nemo WIP 2 4


It's come out a lot darker than I would have liked, but I'm not going to fret over that. In addition I've got a decent amount of orange peel going due to the glossy top coats. I'm just horrible when it comes to gloss.

And a some of the white parts...


Purple Nemo WIP 2 3


The scheme is pretty simple. White decals on purple parts. Silver decals on white parts. Silver frame with gold detailing. Speaking of the gold detailing...


Purple Nemo WIP 2 5

Purple Nemo WIP 2 7

Purple Nemo WIP 2 6


Probably my best hand painting attempt yet. Needs a bit of touchup on some parts but I'm pretty pleased.



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