1/48 'Mega Size Model' Gundam RX-78-2 Review


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What we have here is Bandai's 1/48 scale Mega Size Model Gundam RX-78-2. As far as I know it's Bandai's largest general release kit. At 15" tall it dwarfs even Perfect Grade kits.

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In general the kit is very simple. No internal frame, no special gadgets or gizmos. All the joints are done with poly caps which feature a unique toothed design. With these little notches the kit does a fantastic job at staying in place. Even the arm has no difficulty holding the large shield in place.

HLJ's Gundam Sale Continues


HobbyLink Japan's spree of Gundam sales continues today with Bandai Gundam Goodness on Special Sale!

I'm still digging through what's out there, but it's a bloody lot. Click here to dig through it yourself.

Some items of note, MG Exia Ignition Mode and MG Gouf Ver. 2.0 are 30% off.

Everyone's favorite, MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0, is also 30% off.

There're a lot of HG kits on sale as well. Most at 50% off.

A whole bunch of MISA, Damashii and other figures are 40-50% off. The GFF Shin Musha Gundam is 60% off!

Gundam Unicorn: First Seven Minutes


The first seven minutes of the soon to be released first volume of Gundam Unicorn. Video's been released by Bandai.

I think it looks pretty good, even if it's a YouTube presentation whose source quality wasn't that solid to begin with. Apparently on Bandai's site you can view it with subtitles, but the video isn't working for me to begin with.

Story thanks to Ngee Khiong.

New Bandai Clear Part Campaign Releases


Just saw these listed on HLJ with a 15% Early Bird discount. Their release is news to me, haven't seen any pictures beyond the first batch released...

Hi-Nu Gundam ($65)
God Gundam ($23)
Ball Ver. Ka ($19)
YMS-15 Gyan ($33)
MS-09 Dom ($27)
Kaempfer ($37)

MSN-04 Sazabi ($74)
RX-79(G) ($28)
Gundam Exia ($35)
RX-75 Guntank ($44)

If I missed any please let me know!

MG Nu Gundam - Clear Part Campaign Review


One kit I managed to acquire recently was the re-released MG Nu Gundam w/ clear parts per Bandai's "Clear Part Campaign."

I say re-released because unlike the MG Victory w/ clear parts, which featured the initial release with an extra runner thrown in and a slip on the box, the MG Nu box is all new. Well, and all new print. The design is the same, just a yellow banner around the outside, some new tags, a picture on one side of the clear parts.

All of the other runners are exactly the same as before, but now there's an additional clear "G" runner. It contains parts for the fin funnels as well as the outer armor for one leg and one arm.

So, without further ado, some poor snap shots of the clear parts themselves...

Bandai MG Victory Gundam Ver. Ka Review


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Welcome to my review of Bandai's Master Grade Victory Gundam, Ver. Ka. Since this isn't a straight build I've broken up my review into two segments. The first talking about the kit itself and the second a review of my design and paint choices.

Note that for some images in my review I use images from's review. Let's just say I'm too frustrated/lazy to transform and photograph.

The Kit

The Victory Gundam is one of my favorite Gundams from a design perspective. To me its simple design and functionality are more aesthetic than anything from SEED or 00.

MG Exia Ignition Mode Reivew



Bandai did a few crafty things with this kit that they haven’t done before. The first is really hard to see in most pictures of the kit. All of the green circles have letters and lines molded on the inside which match the stickers underneath. It’s a nice little detail that is best appreciated up close. This is also the first, and probably last kit, to have rubber strips coated in a rainbow reflective surface. To my knowledge this is the only suit from Gundam 00 to have this design feature, hence why we won’t be seeing it again. Over all it’s a nice feature, but under most lighting conditions you don’t see any of the reflective goodness.