Batman & Robin Eternal #7 Review


Why does Cass look completely out of her element here? She's a ninja girl! Throwing stars are like snowflakes to her!


While Dick's away, Tim and Jason play, there's a deadly ballet, and there's a bit of LesYay, all in this tip-toeing issue that'll make you plié. It's the seventh issue of the globe-trotting second Batman weekly trek from DC Comics. The Prague Batcave is full of bones, the dive bar Tim and Jason visit is full of scumbags, and the Prague Ballet is full of secret asassins (and at least one Mother). I'm shipping Harper/Cass now, but let's get to that later, there's a story to follow!


Batman & Robin Eternal #6 Review


That awkward moment you realize you're going to land in the wrong direction to pose on a ledge.



Dick gets tricked, Mother makes wives perfect, and the girls take a trip in this sixth issue in DC's weekly Grayson supplmental... I mean, Batman weekly. This issue is 95 percent flashback, though maybe "flashback" isn't exactly accurate, because Dick can't possibly know all the things that Batman was experiencing and thinking when he wasn't around. Whatever the case, the present mystery of Mother and the Orphan seems to point towards Prague, and after consulting Jason, Dick decides to bring Harper and Cass there with him, and that should be amusing for me and frustrating for Cass/Steph team-up fans, because Harper is Cass' closest ally now.


Batman & Robin Eternal #5 Review


"I'll teach you not to make me relevant!"


Cass takes a limb, Dick angers Tim, and the artwork looks grim in this fifth issue of DC's weekly Grayson adventure, Batman & Robin: Eternal. We see where Cassandra made her bones, get more of Batman and Robin's pursuit of Scarecrow, Harper makes a quick and clever move, and Tim Drake has a much-needed personality infusion which I hope lasts. Poppy pops up again, Tim's parents' house is... something else, and for Bat's sake, why are there so many different pencilers in this issue?! There's a cop-out, but I won't drop out, when we get a bit more of my favorite Robin's personal life.


Batman & Robin Eternal #4 Review


Axe me no more questions, tell me no more dies!


Someone's in the kitchen with Grayson, someone's in the kitchen I know-ow-ow, someone's in the kitchen with Grayson, landing a lot of blows! Who isn't in there, though? It's a regular kitchen nightmare in the fourth episode of DC's weekly Grayson extension, I mean Batman tale. Bruce is still addled, the Robin group battles, and an angry Steph taddles! It looks like Tim Drake has a secret allegience, Dick doesn't mind walking around in public with the Hypnos implant, Harper prefers Cass's company to Spoiler's (who wouldn't?), and Duke Thomas is now a somewhat relevant character! So activate your sleeper agent, it's time for me to snark about this issue.


Batman & Robin Eternal #3 Review


Baby we were born to ruuuuun!


Jason's a knave, Harper  bleeds in the cave, and Bruce needs to be saved in this third issue in DC's new weekly Batman lackey party. I don't know what I have more difficulty believing, that the loser Jason Todd can even keep up with Cassandra Cain for a second or that Tim Drake can continue to be portrayed as the world's dumbest genius. But hey, in a world when you can't trust a cannibalistic spy, who can you trust? Steph coins the term "Batler", Cassie gets offered peanuts for info, Helena expositions, and Beacon Tower is just the worst place in Gotham for Bruce Wayne to be.


I usually get mine on J-List.

Batman & Robin Eternal #2 Review


In hindsight, Batman decided the LSD experiments were premature.


Cassandra attacks, The Orphan gets smacked, and Dick flashes back in this second issue of Batman's weekly Batman event book. Our Agent 37, fresh off an encounter with deadly children, a betrayal by a cannibal (can't trust anyone these days), and a possibly life-changing revelation, is scrambling to protect all the people on the list of names on the thumb drive he was given. He doesn't arrive in time to help Harper from receive a beating, but fortunately our mysterious ninja Cassie is a match for the new threat. But what does all this have to do with Jonathan Crane, Scarecrow, and can Tim send me some of those videos of the Row residence? (Sure, you're no Peeping Tom...)