Lupin III Part VI Episode 10 Review

Episode 10, "Darwin's Bird"

Mysterious clientBird fossil


Synopsis: A mysterious client contracts Lupin and Fujiko to steal an Archaeopteryx fossil from the British Museum, but something about the job is strange. Is there a dark secret to this heist? Heaven knows it's a devil of a challenge!

Lupin, Fujiko, and Jigen commiserate Lupin and Fujiko at the museum



What a bunch of Touched By an Angel, Young Earth Creationist, anti-science bullshit.

Otaku Evolution Episode 12 - InuYasha: Affections Touching Across Time (Part 2)

Otaku Evolution Episode 12 - InuYasha... by ellbell01

I originally had this on YT, but I got a notice, so I had to move it. For some reason, Part 1 was never given notice. Seriously, it's just a fucking review. Calm down, Bandai, you pack of cunts. Even Viz didn't copyright fuck me, and they own the rights over here. Don't be those guys. And seriously, the label the band Europe belongs to flagged me, too? How does Bennett the Sage get his stuff on YT and never get messed with?

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