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Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 34 Review

Episode 34, "Surprise! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku?!" *****SPOILERS***** Comments: Ginyu switches bodies with Goku and flies off with Jeece, leaving his injured body behind. Vegeta arrives at Freeza's ship first and kills the soldiers, then hides when Gohan and Kuririn arrive, waiting for them to activate the Dragon Balls. However, Kuririn can't summon the dragon. Ginyu and Jeece arrive and Kuririn is fooled into thinking Ginyu is Goku, but Gohan sees through the switch and warns him. Goku in Ginyu's body arrives and confirms the situation. He does figure, however, that since Ginyu isn't used to his body, he can't use his power well, and tells Gohan and Kuririn to attack him.

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