Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 27 Review

Episode 27, "Teacher"


Synopsis: Edward tries to escape from his teacher Izumi, but she subdues him and ties him and Alphonse up to take them to the town of Dublith. On the way there, the brothers remember how they met her as she was passing through Risembool and saved the town from flooding with alchemy. She reluctantly took them on as pupils. After the flashback, Ed, Al, and Winry arrive in Dublith, where Izumi's husband runs a meat shop. After an incident involved a dead cat, Izumi reveals that she knows what happened to the brothers, and after a beating, hugs them.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 23 Review

Episode 23, "Fullmetal Heart"

"Bitch, where's my money?!""Clothes, Ed. I'm wearing clothes."


Synopsis: Edward awakes in a hospital and is chided by Maria Ross for his reckless behavior. He calls Winry who offers to come and fix his automail (not letting on that she screwed up before). Hughes continues to keep the latest situation a secret from Roy. Alphonse keeps the words of Barry the Chopper in his head, fearing he is fake. Winry is taken to Hughes' daughter's birthday party, where Sheska is also in attendence. With his automail fixed, Edward fixes Alphonse's armor body, but Alphonse is convinced that he isn't real and runs off in anger.

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