Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 28 Review


Episode 28, "All is One, One is All"

You gonna get Sig'd. "ED MAH BOI!"


Synopsis: Izumi leaves Ed and Al on Yock Island, where they remember when they were left there to survive for a month without the use of alchemy. They eventually learned that they were both part of a greater flow and that flow extended to them as well ("All is one, one is all") and when they understood that, Izumi welcomed them for more specific alchemy training. In the present, Ed and Al are being stalked by a mysterious child, who appears when Izumi comes back to get them.

Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 27 Review


Episode 27, "Teacher"


Synopsis: Edward tries to escape from his teacher Izumi, but she subdues him and ties him and Alphonse up to take them to the town of Dublith. On the way there, the brothers remember how they met her as she was passing through Risembool and saved the town from flooding with alchemy. She reluctantly took them on as pupils. After the flashback, Ed, Al, and Winry arrive in Dublith, where Izumi's husband runs a meat shop. After an incident involved a dead cat, Izumi reveals that she knows what happened to the brothers, and after a beating, hugs them.