Otaku Evolution Episode 171 - Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound

The wraparound material this time covers some of the storyline I never completed in my Penguin Chronicles comic strip, involving Prince Cassus' previous airship, the Gaizu, among other things. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with completing it via these videos (as flashbacks), these are anime reviews, but I guess I just like toying around with the sprites and backgrounds. And the pre-opening credits bit is set to Shunsuke Kikuchi's "M742", or "The Suspensful Intermission".

DBZ Movie 9, Bojack Unbound, is probably my favorite of all the DBZ movies, or indeed DB movies overall. It's nothing deep or profound, but it features a lot of great elements, from its settings to the action to the music. It's not perfect, it's just my favorite.

Gohan's SSJ2 Scream

For those interested in hearing what Colleen Clinkenbeard's going to do with my favorite scene, here's a sort of "preview". It's how she does it in Ultimate Tenkaichi:



Pretty good. Too bad Willingham's Cell is so awkward. I'm sure the scene will be better with Clarke's Cell.

Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 92 Review

Episode 92, "The Tears that Disappeared into the Sky! Gohan's Angry Super Awakening" "You think maybe I should turn down the brightness on this?"*Poop* *****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: The news reporter and Mr. Satan take cover as Artificial Human 16 prepares to explode, but nothing happens. Kuririn explains that Dr. Brief defused the bomb in him. Cell blasts 16 into pieces and kicks his head away. Then he creates seven little duplicates of himself, which he calls Cell Juniors. He sics them on Gohan's father and friends. The little beings attack ferociously, eventually overwhelming their targets as Gohan looks on in dispair. 16's head asks Mr. Satan to get him close to Gohan. Mr.

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