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Where to Start - Getting into Gundam (2022 Edition)

As a moderator over at /r/Gundam I often see folks asking how to get into the franchise and what shows to watch. Hopefully this guide will help you along that path.



If you don't have time to go through and read, it's best to pick with one of the below series:  

Start with this
  Or pick one of these

Mobile Suit Gundam


Gundam 0080

Gundam 00



G Gundam

Iron Blooded Orphans

Iron Blooded Orphans 



Note that the above are in no order of preference or recommendation. Why I think they're four good starting points is detailed below.

If you can't be bothered as to finding out why the above are recommended, or just want me to make the decision for you, then watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam. The full series, all 43 episodes, is the best way to go. Though many will argue that the movies are a valid alternative.


Gunpla Rumor Time - PG Unicorn?!

The following just showed up on Samuel Decal's news feed...



MG AGE-2 7月14日
MegaSize 1/48 AGE-3 8月
RG Justice Gundam 形状試作公開 7月21日
MG Buster Gundam 8月
MG Aegis Gundam 9月
HGUC Rose Zulu 8月
HGAC Wing gundam 8月
HGAC Tallgeese 9月
HGFC Dragon Gundam 9月
PG Unicorn Gundam 製作發表 11月 ※8月のキャラホビで形状試作公開
PG Banshee 製作發表 11月 ※8月のキャラホビで形状試作公開


For those too lazy to open up Google Translator, 月 means month, so this list represents August through November of this year. The notes following the PG Unicorn and Banshee seem to indicate that it's currently in a testing phase and my premier at this year's Chara Hobby???


Hellebore Strike - Custom Armament Project - WIP 01 - It Begins

Generally, I'm not one to buy 1/144 scale kits. However I've had a project floating around in my head for a long time and the Real Grade Strike seemed to fit the bill. It's the perfect scale and I love the Strike Gundam's design. Plus it would give me an excuse to pick up and mess around with a RG level kit.

But wait, perfect scale for what you might ask? Well a kit bash with my ancient 1/550 scale Dendrobium of course! I've had one sitting around for over a decade, back from the days before I knew better and ripped pieces from the runners. When I pulled it apart I realized how great the cannon was and that it would look great by itself. Slowly the idea developed into a full scale kit bash. My first kit bash actually. And thus far, things are going great.



PG Strike Freedom: Complete

After four months of paint, tears, and more paint... my black Perfect Grade Strike Freedom is complete. For those of us with ADHD I'm going to kick things off by posting all the pictures. From a technical prospective they're rather 'blah' due to the small size of my studio and the humongous span of this kit's wings, among other reasons. You can read more about that, along with very little detail about the build, after all the pretty pictures.


The Pictures


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PG Strike Freedom WIP 12: Main body... done

So at long last the body of my PG Strike Freedom is complete...


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Can you spot the issues? The silvering on some of the decals is painfully evident in this shot. I can also spot at least three areas of unfortunate paint transfer via parts rubbing. The clear pieces on the wings, which normally would have had a sticker applied to them, got a coat of clear red followed by some dull coat for frosting. Probably the only aspect of the kit that turned out better than expected. Though it does clash with the rest of the design. Sadness.


PG Strike Freedom WIP 10: Update Shots

The kit is slowly moving along. Following the issues chronicled in my last update a lot of pieces have now been repainted and received new decals. Now I await some 60 degree days to give them a good top coat. I do have some some other pieces finished though. Unfortunately there's some silvering/air bubble issues on the shoulder armor. Oh well. Not much I can really do about it without delaying the whole project yet again to order more decals.
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