Leiji Matsumoto

Otaku Evolution Episode 109 - Space Cruiser Yamato (Movie)

The first English-language bastardization of Space Battleship Yamato, Space Cruiser Yamato, a recut version of the compilation version of the first TV series, is quite a ride. A ride into mediocrity, with its truncated, if not entirely decimated character development and simplistic plot summarizing. And you know how I hate people who just boil down long works into a neat package, as if to comment on them with faux-wry humor for an audience of captive idiots too lazy to watch a whole TV series.

I mean, I just hate that. Hate it.

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Otaku Evolution Episode 89 - Space Pirate Captain Harlock: Endless Odyssey

What do you get when you take the writer of Kino's Journey, the director of Metropolis, and the characters of Leiji Matsumoto? You get an honestly good Captain Herlock... er, Harlock series with only a few annoying eccentricities. Sounds like a low bar? Well, yeah, I guess if you judge it compared to Harlock Saga, it is, but it's actually just good on its own. Though I guess with it not being available, you may have to... pirate it.


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