Lupin III: A Woman Named Fujiko Mine Episode 05 Review

Episode 05, "Blood-Soaked Triangle"


Synopsis: Fujiko tells Lupin how he could obtain her: by stealing a treasure from an a new pyramid in Egypt. Also in Egypt is Jigen, who is all out of money, so he too is looking for the treasure. The two cross paths, and as they struggle as rivals against each other, they fall into traps, but end up cooperating with each other. Because of another trap, the two fall into a giant whirlpool of sand and find that Fujiko is there to reap the benefit of their work. However, they manage to escape the trap and join Fujiko, who finds the treasure. Suddenly the crypts start falling apart and the treasure needs to be sacrificed to open the way out.

Lupin III: Blood Seal ~ Eternal Mermaid Review

 "Blood Seal ~ Eternal Mermaid"




Synopsis:  When Lupin steals a jewel called the "Mermaid's Scale", he discovers it's a fake. The real jewel, another one, and a person with an immortal body turn out to be keys to the treasure of the Yaobikuni. Wanting to prevent a dangerous arms dealer from taking the prize, Lupin and the gang decide to get to it first. However, they'll have to deal with a dangerous assassin, the police force, and a fickle Fujiko. In the end, who'll obtain the ancient treasure? A thief or a merchant of death? 


New Lupin III anime CM


I like the classic look they're going for. New VAs for Zenigata, Fujiko, and Goemon. The voice of Jigen is the only one left of the original cast. I hope this special doesn't suck as much as the past few have.

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