Otaku Evolution Episode 28 - Night on the Galactic Railroad



Seriously, I had the PERFECT Mawaru Penguindrum clip in this to illustrate a point, but YT flagged me for copyright bullshit so I had to replace it with SCREENSHOTS. FFS, guys, you're destroying my show. Does Fair Use mean nothing anymore? 


Anyway, enjoy this! 

Mawaru Penguindrum English Dub Sample


penguindrumdub from torchika on Vimeo.


Now stop bothering me about it, you nattering busybodies. Can't you see I'm trying to have a DBZ-related breakdown? Enjoy this awkward and underwhelming English dub of my favorite anime of 2011.


And yes, that is Monica Rial as Himari.


Now stop posting unrelated comments on my other entries.