Space Battleship Yamato

Otaku Evolution Episode 109 - Space Cruiser Yamato (Movie)


The first English-language bastardization of Space Battleship Yamato, Space Cruiser Yamato, a recut version of the compilation version of the first TV series, is quite a ride. A ride into mediocrity, with its truncated, if not entirely decimated character development and simplistic plot summarizing. And you know how I hate people who just boil down long works into a neat package, as if to comment on them with faux-wry humor for an audience of captive idiots too lazy to watch a whole TV series.

I mean, I just hate that. Hate it.

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Space Battleship Yamato 2199 PV


A few notes:


- Captain Okita's character design seems to be the least redesigned.

- Doctor Sado looks like a compromise between his original design and the new style.

- Awesome, some of Hiroshi Miyagawa's music is making it in, probably because his son is doing the music.

- Gamilian spaceships! If only they would show Gamilius and/or Lord Desslar.

- Starsha confirmed!


I'm so psyched about this. As I've established, SBY is one of my favorite anime, and this PV makes the remake look pretty damn good!