Voice Actor Comparison: Dragon Ball/Z/GT - Piccolo

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My pick: Toshio Furukawa


Reasoning: I love how Toshio Furukawa can sound snarky and arrogant one minute and really serious and sharp the next, depending on Piccolo's mood. He's got that devilish feel to him. However, it's not a "character voice"; it sounds natural in every scene. As far as the English dub(s) are concerned, Scott McNeil's Piccolo edges out the competition by having a wild flare to it, while still remaining solidly rooted. In comparison, Sabat's Piccolo seems a little bland and the others just sound plain bad.


Breakdown: Toshio Furukawa > Scott McNeil > Chris Sabat > Unknown #1 = Unknown #2 = Unknown #3

Anime Voice Talent Highlight #7: Kei Tomiyama

#7 Kei Tomiyama

One of the classic anime voices of the 70s and 80s, Kei Tomiyama's tragically short life was nevertheless fruitful in his industry. Already well-known by the seventies for his role as the wrestler eponymous Tiger Mask, an character who has endured as an anime icon for decades, he went on to play a few other very notable roles. His tender, sincere voice at times belied his often firey delivery.

Sean Schemmel Strikes!: How I Pissed Off Goku

"Bitch, please." So, we all know that I'm not a huge fan of Sean Schemmel, the voice of Goku in Funimation's English dub of Dragon Ball Z. I've said it enough. I just don't think he's that great in the role. In fact, I've said he's pretty fucking terrible. Granted, he's better than the AB Groupe and Creative Product Corp's dub Gokus, but certainly not as good as Peter Kelamis was in the role for Ocean. It's not a controversial opinion. Many people share my opinion. Anyway, apparently this has caught Mr. Schemmel's attention recently. On the Sean Schemmel Fanclub (ahahahaha) page on Facebook, Schemmel said this: In all my ranting about "constructive criticism" vs. "mindless bashing" and all the arguing and debating about new vs.

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