Otaku Evolution Episode 118 - Mid Year English Dub Review IV


Ah, the middle of the year (was over a month ago!). A great time to go over the English dubs of anime I've covered thus far in 2018, so I don't have to cover a year's worth at the end of the year. This is also an opportunity to talk about the myriad of different ADR studios, specific dubs, and voice actors encountered in these videos.


And hey, only a pre-title bit, no after-credits bit! I'm actually going to retire those things until late October. It's been taking me two or three weeks to do videos that should only take a single week, maybe a week and half, to finish, these days. I do love my leftover detritus from my old sprite comic, but I need to concentrate on the actual REVIEW part of each review video.


Space Battleship Yamato 2199 PV


A few notes:


- Captain Okita's character design seems to be the least redesigned.

- Doctor Sado looks like a compromise between his original design and the new style.

- Awesome, some of Hiroshi Miyagawa's music is making it in, probably because his son is doing the music.

- Gamilian spaceships! If only they would show Gamilius and/or Lord Desslar.

- Starsha confirmed!


I'm so psyched about this. As I've established, SBY is one of my favorite anime, and this PV makes the remake look pretty damn good!

Otaku Revolution Anime Discussion #1: Classic Remakes Casting


I thought I'd attempt something new for a change and start up a discussion about something anime-related in the hopes of having more communication with the people who come here (all three of them). Feel free to comment on this, suggest other topics for later discussions, and/or links to helpful material regarding the topic at hand.


Topic #1


With classics like Space Battleship Yamato and Mobile Suit Gundam being remade, do you feel like original cast members should reprise their roles after decades have passed? For example, should Goro Naya continue on as Captain Okita? Should Tohru Furuya continue to play Amuro Ray? If so, why? If not, who should play the roles? Suggest new VAs if possible.


Have fun!