Anime Voice Talent Highlight #3: Kotono Mitsuishi

Anime Voice Talent Highlight #3 Kotono Mitsuishi
#3: Kotono Mitsuishi
Throughout the 1990s, Mitsuishi Kotono permeated the voice talent pool. Performing as both the strong heroine, the crazy ditz, or sometimes, both at once, Kotono always delivered strongly, and continues to do so today. But what is more remarkable, the roles she played, or the performances she brought to them? Likely, it's the latter. Starting out as an elevator girl at what was at one time the tallest building in Japan, the Sunshine 60, she eventually became an office lady, but was forced to quit. Then, in 1989 she started doing voice work in an OVA for a popular tennis-themed anime. She played a relatively minor character in the epic Legend of the Galactic Heroes OVA, the daughter of a main player, and eventual love interest of another. However, it wasn't until 1992's Sailor Moon, where she played the titular, main character, for several years, that she really broke out. Perhaps her second most successful and popular role is that of the driven, but broken Nerv operations director Misato Katsuragi in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Here she exhibits a sense of sadness and burden, but carries the strength of the character well, too, a ferocity that helps Misato remain a popular character in the fandom to this day. She recently reprised the role for the Rebuild project.

She has plenty of energy to do hyperactive comedy roles, too, such as her work as the clueless Excel in Excel Saga and Ebichu in Ebichu Minds The House. In fact, it's said that her enthusiasm for the latter project is what got it off the ground. She is certainly well-equipped for different types of roles. Notable Roles: - Katerose von Kreutzer in Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988) - Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon (1992) (and all other Sailor Moon productions) - Koume Sawaguchi in Blue Seed (1994) and Blue Seed Beyond (1996) - Misato Katsuragi in Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) (and all other Evangelion productions) - Birdy in Birdy The Mighty (1996) - Excel in Excel Saga (1999) - Ebichu in Ebichu Minds The House (1999) - Mirelle Bouquet in Noir (2001)

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