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Cross Ange Episode 24 – Embryo confirmed for Interdimensional Chris-chan (Or: Supporter’s Medley Part III)

The face of a Nice Guy who just M’ladied his pantaloons.

M’ladying one’s pantaloons – The act of a Nice Guy soiling himself due to a realization that his object of affection (usually a woman) has had sex with another.

This must be a first for a Sunrise mecha show. Usually in these final battles most of the banter is about ideological divides or betrayals. Here, we have Tusk rubbing it in Embryo’s smug face that he did the nasty with Ange in wonderfully lurid detail. Oh no it is not just the fact that he had sex with her, it is how he now knows the number of moles on her body, the number of days the consummation lasted (although that may be exaggeration) and the way he describes the softest, warmest, part of Ange. It’s an awesome thing, and is so totally Cross Ange that I can’t help but want to clap my hands in delight. What a great way to rustle Embryo’s jimmies.

The rest of the episode is pretty great and sells the fact it’s the penultimate episode with all its heart. Fukuda somehow remembered that there should be a number of things to have in a final battle. One of course is having an ideal imbalance of power, with the Norma and DRAGON group enduring Embryo’s overwhelming power. The second is a sense of urgency, for they’ve got to stop this new convergence and free Aura before it destroys everything. The third, and possibly most important, is the providing of an emotional connection. Boy does that happen in this episode. Ange once again kinda takes a backseat to the goings on, leaving most of the big dramatic moments to Salia, Commander Jill, Rosalie, and Chris. To be sure they are not THAT special (especially after Tusk’s big reveal to Embryo) but they do provide some good entertainment, plus a sound foundation for what may be an interesting resolution and just a nice resolution period.

On the first part, it was high time for Salia and Commander Jill to come to blows with one another, with the latter trying her best to dissuade the former from following Embryo. The second part made for a rather endearing denouement to the Chris storyline, with the show surprisingly sparing the girl. Hilda was in top form in this one, not taking any of Chris’s bullshit and allowing Rosalie to shine for once. Definitely cheesy and over-the-top, but such happiness should be welcomed in a show that started out very bleak. At least that’s what I think anyway.

Other than that, there is nothing else to say really about this episode. Everybody who isn’t Ange gets to do awesome things before Ange takes centre stage again, we have a budget again finally, and we continue to see Embryo’s true nature slowly chip away. On that it not only includes the aforementioned m’ladying, but still being able to utilize his Ragnamail even if his body’s frozen, and maintaining the idea that victory is at hand for him even after Salamandinay’s successful release of Aura. What lies ahead for him and a now nekkid Ange he kidnapped by episode’s end?

*shrug* Who knows but at least they know they have theatrical releases and extras to expand upon it if the finale sucks. (Which I hope it doesn’t)

Rondo of Notes:

  • Ha, apparently the Cross in Cross Ange is based on the fact that Ange is perpetually cross throughout the entire series. Sounds pretty legit.
  • This video.
  • It’s nice to know that even in the heat of battle, you can always enjoy a nice rice ball.
  • Oh my god what's wrong with the dog's face?



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