Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 32 Review

Episode 32, "The Star Performer Takes the Stage?! Captain Ginyu vs Son Goku" *****SPOILERS*****

Synopsis: Jeece flies off, abandoning his comrades. Vegeta finishes off Baata and Rikuum, to Goku's disapproval. Jeece reports what happened to Captain Ginyu, and they head back to the area. Gohan and Kuririn leave to find Bulma and get her Dragon Radar. Goku and Vegeta stare down Ginyu and Jeece, but Vegeta suddenly flees, in order to find the Dragon Balls before the others do. Goku begins his fight against Captain Ginyu, but Ginyu catches on that he's holding back. Goku decides to power up using the Kaio-ken, astonishing Ginyu with his power.

Comments: The fight between Goku and Ginyu begins, and it's Goku's first real fight in a long while. He was easily able to take down Rikuum and Baata, but he won't be as lucky with Ginyu. Though, apparently, Ginyu is realizing how he was able to take on his group. Goku uses his Kaioken towards the end of the episode, it seems, so he's now taking the fight seriously. It was pretty funny when he clearly wasn't, imitating Ginyu's pose. Vegeta's in top asshole form in this episode, killing Rikuum and Baata while they were already down, and abandoning Goku to go find the Dragon Balls, even after he had given him a senzu. He hasn't lost his edge, at least. He's still a massive prick, and plans to kill the others as soon as he gets his wish, regardless of teaming up with them earlier. I guess you can't expect him to be any different. For those wondering why they wasted time on Bulma deciding to go find Gohan and Kuririn, it's because when they do find her, she's already out, so it's likely for the sake of continuity. They spend even more time on her in the next episode, and it's annoying, but unfortunately necessary, since the first cut of DBZ integrated a lot of those type of scenes. Just be lucky you didn't have to sit through the episode with Bulma's underwater adventure. Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5

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