Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 36 Review

Episode 36, "An Enraged Freeza Draws Near! Porunga... Grant This Wish!", or "Wishes and Rage"

Seriously, can I wish Daisuke Gouri back to life?"Yay, we have a scene in this episode!"


Synopsis: With Porunga summoned, Gohan and Kuririn try to come up with the right wishes, as one one person can be wished back to life at a time. So they wish Piccolo back to life, as it revives Kami on Earth, and wish Piccolo to Namek, so he can help them fight Freeza. However, he isn't wished right to them. Vegeta awakes from his nap to discover the Dragon Balls are being used without him and he flies to where the group is, demanding his wish for immortality. However, before it can be granted, Saichoro dies, the dragon fades away, and the Dragon Balls turn into stones. Vegeta is enraged, but doesn't have time to retaliate, as Freeza arrives, just as angry about missing his own chance at immortality.

"You tell me that to my face! You tell me that Sean Schemmel will still play me in DB Kai's dub to my face!"Piccolo often ponders the great question, "If Namekians aren't male or female, then am I an 'it'?"


It's been a while since Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma set off for Namek, and now the goal of reviving their fallen friends is a step closer with the wish to bring Piccolo back, and thus Kami and his Dragon Balls on Earth. Of course, in Kai, it hasn't been nearly as long as the wait was in the original cut of Z. I still felt happy that they were finally able to reach that goal, despite all they'd been through. Though, bringing Piccolo to Namek won't really yield that much results, as we know already.

We get a bit of the Dragon Balls' technical aspects here, since even though they wished Piccolo to Namek, they didn't wish him to where they were on Namek. You might imagine he would wish them to wherever the Dragon Balls were, but I guess Porunga decided to fuck with them and chose any random spot. Nice. Also, what's with Porunga only understanding native Namekian but speaking in Japanese? Shouldn't he speak only in native Namekian, as well? Oh well.

We hear the sad death theme here again, which we get nearly every time there's a death in the show. It's beginning to lose its impact. Then again, I think it's pretty fitting for the death of what is basically the god of that planet. I think Aya Hirano's acting as a grieved Dende was pretty spot on, as much as I roll my eyes at the stunt casting.

Freeza is on the scene, thanks to Nail's big mouth, and they're all pretty screwed.

How long until the animals living in the flaps of his wrinkled fat leave?"DON'T YOU FUCKING CAST LINDA YOUNG AS ME AGAIN YOU FUCKERS!"

Overall Score:

3 out of 5

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