Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 74

Episode 74, "Run, No. 17! Piccolo's Suicidal Resistance" Dude, Cell, take a shower."You jelly, Piccolo?"*****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: Piccolo is surprised to see that Artificial 17 doesn't know about Cell. Cell doesn't recognize Artificial Human 16 and dismisses his presence. He powers up, frightening Piccolo. Chi-Chi suggests that somebody go meet Bulma on her way there with the controller. Kuririn flies off to do so. Tenshinhan flies off to assist Piccolo. Cell engages 17, with Piccolo trying to assist.16 warns 17, who arrogantly dimisses it. Cell beats up on Piccolo, who fires a powerful ki blast at him. However, Cell is unaffected.. He breaks Piccolo's neck, blasts him through his body, and throws him into the sea. Unable to feel his ki, Gohan is devestated, but Goku punches him before he can take off to avenge him. Cell begins to run at 17. "Are you there, God? It's me, Chi-Chi."Ball's in your court, Piccolo.Comments: Another excellent episode. I love how much quality screentime Piccolo is getting in this story arc, especially after having been essentially worthless in the Freeza arc. Of course, ultimately he's no match for Cell, either, but at least he got in a great fight with Artificial Human 17 and feels a lot more important overall. Still, this is where Piccolo's relevance essentially ends, with Cell easily overcoming him, nearly killing him, and tossing him aside like trash. Norio Wakamoto sounds a little bit more like I remember in this episode, with his "weh" sounds, and haughty delivery. Previously, he sounded more stereotypically monsterish, but he was missing Cell's "weh" sounds from Z, which would have made him sound more geniune. Now he includes them and sounds more geniunely threatening overall. I imagine that it's because Cell is becoming more sophisticated as he absorbed all those people. I wonder how Travis Willingham will approach Cell in the dub. They use a piece of music in this episode when Gohan's reacting to Piccolo's defeat that I haven't heard since Vegeta's death on Namek. It's an okay piece, but it doesn't sound like Dragon Ball to me. I really like the track towards the middle when Piccolo begins his attack on Cell. They cut out of it really quick though, after Piccolo takes a spill. I actually like that, a dismissal of the music the way Piccolo himself is being dismissed when hit. At this point in Z, they were recycling the same two or three tracks ad nauseum, and even though I prefer Kikuchi's music, the use of Yamamoto's music in these past couple of episodes has been better. Cell punched Piccolo so hard, the color drained from the picture.CHILD ABUSE Overall Score: 4 out of 5 Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

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