Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 91 Review

Episode 91, "Get Angry, Gohan! Unleash Your Hidden Power" "Are we going to watch One Piece after this?" "You know it!""I am the best father ever." *****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: Gohan faces off with Cell. Cell attacks and Gohan evades, but Cell eventually catches up and strikes a powerful blow. Some present assume that Gohan has died, but Goku remains unmoved. He says that Gohan is still alive. Gohan returns to the fight, telling Cell that it's pointless to continue fighting. He doesn't want to continue fighting. Gohan claims that if angry enough, he can unleash enough power to defeat Cell, but Cell thinks he's bluffing. He attacks Gohan looking for his hidden power. Cell uses Freeza's finger beams, which Gohan avoids, but then he grabs Gohan and begins to squeeze the life out of him. Piccolo is incensed that Goku isn't doing anything about it. Goku claims that when Gohan gets angry enough he can defeat Cell, but Piccolo points out that having not bothered to tell anyone this plan, Gohan might be resenting him. Goku and Piccolo prepare to go help, but Cell gets a new idea. He steals the senzu beans and decides to hurt Gohan's allies to unleash his power. Suddenly, Artificial Human 16 grabs Cell and holds him tight, intending to self-destruct and take Cell out. Cell resorts to grade school bullying techniques."I LOVE THIS KID!" Comments: It's at this point when Goku realizes that perhaps he is not such a good parent after all. "Hm, maybe putting my son who has no love for combat in a life-or-death fight with a monster stronger than I am that is threatening the lives of everyone in the world, instead of just taking the monster somewhere across the universe via teleportation and returning, might not have been the best idea I've had." Gohan does have it in him, but at what cost? Gohan flashbacks to his attacking Raditz and Freeza, which are both due to the hurting of somebody he cared about. Cell correctly guesses that he needs to hurt others to really get at Gohan's real power, snatching the senzu beans from Kuririn. Cell is quite a smart fighter, but he also has those stubborn Saiyan genes in him, which makes him very curious to what kind of real power Gohan has. Artificial Human 16 finally makes his move, which I thought was interesting, since as it was pointed out, he has no ki, and can take Cell by surprise if he needs to. Unfortunately, things aren't going to go well for him, the poor git. You have to hand it to Masako Nozawa, Toshio Furukawa, and Norio Wakamoto in this episode. They all did an excellent job. Piccolo really sounded like he was losing it with Goku, incredibly pissed off he put his son in that situation. Wakamoto's Cell sounds really arrogant and threatening. Nozawa is really hitting out of the park as Goku and Gohan, too. "Wait, I might NOT be the best father?"*GLOMP*  Overall Score: 4 out of 5 Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

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