Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods English Dub Trailer (And Thoughts On It)


The cast is as follows:


Sean "The Miracle" Schemmel as Son Goku/Kaio-sama
Chris "How Did I Get This Work" Sabat as Everybody Else (Vegeta/Piccolo/Shenron/Bubbles/Yamucha) (In Order Of Importance)
Kyle "Actual Talent" Hebert as Son Gohan/Gyuumao/Narrator (?!)
Sonny Strait as "Are You Talking About" Kuririn
Monica "Monimoni" Rial as Bulma Angelica Franchesca Hau Pepelu Brief/Oracle Fish
Laura Bailey as Trunks
Kara Edwards as Goten/Videl
Jason Douglas as "Don't Call Me Bills" Beerus
Ian Sinclair as Whis
Cynthia "How Does She Keep Getting Work?" Cranz as Chi-Chi/Mrs. Briefs
Meredith "I Only Have One Line" McCoy as Lazuli
John "Scratchy McDoucheVoice" Burgmeier as "No Lines" Tenshinhan
Brad "Why Did They Bring Me Back?" Jackson as Oolong
Mike McFarland as Kamesennin
Chuck Huber as Pilaf
Chris "I Was An Even Worse Tenshinhan Than Burgmeier" Cason as Shu
Colleeen "Better Than Most Of This Cast" Clinkenbeard as "Hands" Mai
Chris "Ragin'" Rager as Mr. Mark Hercule Satan III
Josh Martin as Guttony ... I mean, Buu
Brina Palencia as "Nobody Cares About" Chaozu/"Nobody Cares About" Puar
Justin Cook (Shouldn't Have Been Cast) as Dende
Kent "Father" Williams as Kaioshin/Old Kaioshin
Mark Stoddard as Dr. "Not So" Briefs


And then there's Maude (Bea Arthur, reprising her role from beyond the grave)


A few things I noticed:

First of all, clearly the English dub was completed by the time this trailer was finished, because all of Schemmel's lines in this trailer are drops of dialogue from his performance in Dragon Ball Kai. Nice continuity guys!

Second, the music hypes this movie to be something is isn't, namely a dark, moody, high-impact thrill ride, instead of the sillier humorous film it actually is, albeit with some more tense and grandious moments toward the end. A lot of DBZ English dub fans are going to be mighty surprised and upset when this movie ends up not being some testosterone-fueled stomp romp. Just imagine how they're going to feel about Goku wanting to fight Beerus, because he enjoys fighting strong guys! Or about Vegeta doing the Bingo dance! Even I'm still not sure how to handle that bit.

Third, the cast. Yeah, it's most of the usual suspects, no shock that Hebert's returned to be older Gohan (though as Narrator he's horrific, why would they do that to me?), and I'm pleasantly surprised that Kara Edwards is back as Goten and Videl, as she hasn't been in a lot of English dubs since DBZ. Or any, that I can remember. GT, I guess. I'm pretty sure they've been using Clinkenbeard for Goten in the video games for a while.

It's weird that they brought back McCoy to play Artificial Human 18, because, really, she only has about one line in the entire movie. Why bother? Clinkenbeard's 18 was just as good and she could have handled that one line as well as McCoy. It seems like Funimation is just going out of their way to make concessions to fans of DBZ's dub that didn't like Kai's dub because it was different (read as: good). Jackson returns as Oolong, who I believe only has a few lines, mostly in the extended cut.

Clinkenbeard was given Mai to do, instead (though I think she was already Mai's voice), but amusingly, Mai has far more lines than 18 does, so... huh. Yeah, pretty fucking pointless of Funimation to take her off 18. She could have banged out that one 18 line while she was in the studio to do Mai's lines. I don't want to come off as too big a Clinkenbeard fanboy (I am, though, she's great), but this is a very perplexing decision.

Not a fan of Josh Martin as Buu or Justin Cook as the older Dende. Justin Cook is a good voice actor, don't get me wrong. His Yusuke Uremeshi is awesome, as is his Touji Izuhara. But his Dende is too confident-sounding, too sure of itself. Dende is supposed to be kind of bewildered by his role. Even years into it he's a bit out of sorts, mostly since his role is basically entirely ornamental. Martins' Buu is too cutesy. I know he's a big baby, basically, but I prefer the older sound of the Japanese VA.

I assume that this cast will also apply to the English dub of the Buu arc of Kai, when that finally materializes. Some of this is good news, some not so much.


At least Monica Rial returned as Bulma. Unf.

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