Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 29 ENGLISH DUB Review

Episode 29, " Struggle of the Fool" The Elric brothers discover 900 numbers. *****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: The Elrics brothers are brought to Fuhrer Bradley, who threatens to kill Winry if they refuse to cooperate. Edward calls Winry to check on her, and after the call, Greed appears and comments on their predictability. He leaves them a message for Ranfan that Ling wrote in Xingese. Roy updates Hawkeye and Armstrong. Alphonse delivers the message to Ranfan, who wants to get an automail arm. Edward fixes the damage done to the part of town he fought Scar in, and remembers he has to return Hawkeye's gun to her. Comments: I cannot stress just how badly I hate Jerry Russell's Tim Marcoh. Ugh I thought back in episode 6 when he first voiced him that it could work because of it's worn out feel, but it's just irritating and too gruff. He sounds like some stereotype for some smallminded military commander, not some poor old guy with a conscience who was forced to do terrible things. Nor does he have an air of expertise that Brice Armstrong brought to the role. I just cannot wrap my mind around having this guy play the character for as long as he will. The new Greed, on the other hand, is expertly played by Troy Baker, and I absolutely adore this performance. The voice has more gravity and the delivery is snarkier and jauntier. He really does a great job with a character that I felt deserved better than Chris Patton's performance. If only we had this in the dub of the first series. Patton could have played Archer and Baker could have played Greed. I still roll my eyes at Ed Blaylock's Bradley. I still don't find him as intimidating as the Japanese voice. You just don't get the same pull. Shibata, even as calm as his Bradley can be, always has this sense of intensity to it. I don't get that from Blaylock. It's just vague and anemic. Caitlin Glass' Winry was only in the episode for a few moments, but she was doing a decent job. Travis Willingham's Roy, Colleen Clinkenbeard's Riza, and Chris Sabat's Alex were all good, too, especially during their interaction in the car. The next episode covers some important material, and fortunately has little of Edward in it, so there's less of Vic Mignogna. Unfortunately, I don't really care for how Brotherhood handled the material. Overall ENGLISH DUB Score: 3.5 out of 5 

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