Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 33 ENGLISH DUB Review

Episode 33, " The Northern Wall Of Briggs"

"Not one fucking number! Damn lottery!"

Synopsis: Kimbley continues to track Scar and Marcoh, leading him North. When he finds Scar, it's not Marcoh with him, but Yoki: Marcoh and Mei aren't with him. After a short fight, Kimbley is pinned to the back of a train car with a metal pipe, but Kimbley destroys the back of the train and gets away. Edward and Alphonse, meanwhile, have made their way to the Briggs mountains and encounter Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong, Alex Louis Armstrong's sister, and the commander in charge of the Briggs fortress. Reluctantly, she bids them entry. In another part of the mountains, Marcoh and Mei reach the spot where Scar hid his brother's notes and uncover them.


Do we really need to see Kimbley's tracking skills? Why not just wait until Scar surfaces and take care of him then? I mean, is Scar really that big a threat? Apparently he is, since nobody seems to be able to kill him, despite the fact soldiers have guns. Apparently groups of armed men are no match for a single guy who telegraphs his deconstruction with those big grand gestures with his arm. He's not The Flash, guys.

I love Ed and Al reminscing about the snow. You can even feel some geniune warmth in Vic Mignogna's Edward in that moment. And of course, Maxey Whitehead's Alphonse is suitably excited and adorable sounding.

J. Michael Tatum's Scar really can be good when he's extremely angry. Most of the time you can barely hear him. He speaks too softly and too low. But when he busts loose, he really does work in the role. It's too bad that Eric Vale's Kimbley just about spoils the train scene with his excessively goofy "evil" voice. This wouldn't have even worked with Kimbley's first series incarnation. On the other hand, Yoki's voice is too normal.

The one thing I have to applaud Funimation for is their casting of Olivier Mira Armstrong. Stephanie Young really suits her, giving her this really forceful sound. I imagined the character being voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, but since this is Funimation, so it would be nearly impossible for them to cast somebody who mostly works in California. Young's Olivier is very close to what I imagined McGlynn's would be like.

Overall ENGLISH DUB Score: 4 out of 5 

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