Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 42 ENGLISH DUB Review

Episode 42, "Sign of a Counterattack"

"So, you're Minister of Silly Hats where you come from, right?"


Synopsis: In an abaondoned warehouse, Winry, Marcoh, Scar, Mei, and the chimeras wait for Alphonse to regain consciousness, which he eventually does. As they try to put him back together, Mei comes up with an idea, and lays out the pages of Scar's brother's journal. When put together the right way, they make a diagram of the nationwide alchemy circle. When Yoki sneezes, and pages turn over, Alphonse gets an idea. They turn the pages over and a diagram of a new alchemy circle can be drawn, using Xingese techniques. Meanwhile, Kimbley meets with Pride, who tells him to concetrate carving the crest of blood at Briggs. In Lior, the people are rebuilding the town, and Hohenheim arrives. He meets Rose, who shows him the Leto church, where he goes underground and meets with Pride, telling him to deliver a message to Father that he'll be seeing him soon. At Briggs, Drachma troops attack, aided by Kimbley.


I thought the voice actor for Yoki did a pretty good job in his little part in this episode. Definitely plays up the silly, pathetic nature of Yoki's position. It's funny that his sneeze lead to the critical information being uncovered. I still think it's a little farfetched that Scar's brother really found out all that and had a counter plan that far ahead.

Colleen Clinkenbeard's Rose is back, and it's a lot lighter and breezier than her Riza, but is quite good. Rose went down a pretty dark road in the first series, and even though I thought what they did with her was interesting, it's kind of good to see her in a better place in this show. She just didn't have any luck in the first series.

I like the work John Swasey is doing as Hohenheim. He's really quite good at playing at distant but not completely detached. There's a sense of experience there. His interaction with Pride is good, and I think I'm starting to like Brittney Karbowski a bit more as Pride. Don't get too excited, though, I still think she's a better Selim than Pride, and the Japanese VA is good as both.

Ah, I wish they would have gone with a more Baltic-sounding accent for the Drachma commander. Maybe something "moose and squirrel"-ish. It figures the one time I'd appreciate a silly accent, there isn't one.

There's a scene Adult Swim didn't air featuring Envy recieving a call from Zanpano. Ugh. Wendy Powell. But it helps set up next episode. Which has more Wendy Powell. Well, fortunately, it's a lot of monster-Envy, which her voice isn't so bad for.

Overall ENGLISH DUB Score:

3.5 out of 5

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