Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 44 Review

Episode 44, " Full Throttle"

Remember the Lior arc in the first series? This is not that."They're building a Starbucks here, too?" "Yep, and a Panera."


Synopsis: Alphonse encounters his father after many years, but Hohenheim is reluctant to speak to a son he abandoned. Winry speaks with Rose, who thanks her for being the one to help the person who helped her. In Central, Bido finds himself in the room with the "immortal army" and is scared off, only run into Greed. In Lior, Alphonse tells Hohenheim about what has been happening, and Hohenheim decides to trust him with the story of his past. In a small town in the north, soldiers track down where Edward has been recovering, but he manages to evade them with the help of the chimeras in his company. Back in Central, Greed kills Bido, but within him, Ling confronts him for killing a former friend. Greed's memories come flooding back to him, causing him to attack Bradley at his mansion.

Everybody's got some skeletons in their closet.Silly Edward, that's not how to find a wall stud.

You know what's funny? In episode 44 of the previous Fullmetal Alchemist television series, Alphonse and Hohenheim had a little one-on-one chat. Here, we see the same, although under different circumstances, and a different conversation. I just think it's a neat coincidence. Also, was Hohenheim wearing Winry's headkerchief from the first series? Wow.

Things go a little easier between Hohenheim and his younger child, since Alphonse doesn't have the hostility Edward has. Hohenheim even confides in him about his past. Notice that Hohenheim already seems to know about the reverse transmutation circle, despite Alphonse and the others having just discovered that technique for reversing Father's circle. This all ties in with what Hohenheim did some episodes ago with bits of the Philosopher's Stone inside of him.

Edward is back in the show, having recovered from his injury from a couple of episodes back. He looks a lot more mature here, too, as if he's grown a bit. Maybe using hisown soul to heal his wound took some years off his life, and that's why. Anyway, his escape with the chimeras is a little amusing, especially with his transmutation of the car, but hardly worth the time it took to show it all.

Ling, or rather Greed, returns in this episode, and kills poor Bido, who was loyal to the previous Greed. Since they hurried through the Dublith/Greed arc in this series, it doesn't really have such a big impact, but they sure played the hell out of this scene. Ling's VA was really belting it out. With Greed regaining his memory of Bradley cutting him and his allies down, and his attacking Bradley at his home, you can expect that he's not going to be one of Father's loyal children anymore. Er, again.

Which brings me back to how stupid it was that Father brought Greed back to begin with, or let him just wander around without keeping tabs on him. We're talking about Greed. Even if he had never gained his memories back, you can bet he would have eventually rebelled again, so why even have that grief? Father is either extremely confident or not very bright.

Not that I can complain too much. Greed is awesome.

Oh, and I believe I heard a couple of new music tracks this episode, too. Finally.

"This is awesome for back itches."DRAMATIC SPEED LINE BLUR EFFECT! 

Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5 


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