Gunpla Posers 2012


In conjunction with r/Gundam and r/Gunpla we're pleased to announce our first ever Gunpla competition, Gunpla Posers!



For our first (hopefully not last) Gunpla competition we wanted to do something a bit different than a lot of the other ones out there. Gunpla Posers is not looking for the best paint job, the best photo, or the best custom work. Instead we're looking for the best pose.

This contest isn't about pushing the limits of modeling and design but having fun and getting the most out of your gunpla. The kit you submit with doesn't have to be fully detailed, covered in custom paint, or stand upon a photo realistic representation of Jaburo. It just needs to stand in a way that stands out. Yes, I know my wording needs some work.

Judging will be based on how the kit and it's stance comes across. There are four categories you can enter, each with a bit of unique judging criteria. The intent is to make this contest fun and easy to enter for all ages and skill sets. So dust off your models and start snapping. Besure to read all the rules and entry guidelines listed below.



Besides a bit of bragging rights we will be giving out a few gifts. Winners will receive a copy of the upcoming re-release of Yoshiyuki Tomino's Mobile Suit Gundam: Awakening, Escalation, Confrontation. These three books, mostly written after the conclusion of the original series, provide a different take on the start of the the Gundam franchise. As with all Tomino works it remains hotly debated to this day.

Expect more prizes to added to the lineup before the contest deadline! Sponsorship fell through :(



Entry Categories

There are three categories into which you could submit a photo...

  • Dynamic Pose - Is your kit charging fearlessly through the Gates of Hell? Is it cowering before a superior enemy? Is it gloating over a fresh kill? This is the all encompassing category that looks to answer the simple question; who can craft the best pose. Judging for this category will be based on the dynamics of a single kit in your entry.
  • Comedic Pose - This category is for the goofball in all of us. Come up with something that'll make us chuckle. What makes things a bit tricky is that the concept still needs to be expressed in a single shot. In other words, no panel comics. Judging for this category will be based on the overall hilarity of your entry.
  • Accurate Pose - Perhaps the most challenging category of the three, can you duplicate a pose from the series or manga? Not only does one need to show creativity but accuracy in matching their kit to a specific scene. In addition it's preferred that you include a snapshot of the pose you're duplicating. Judging for this category will be based on how much your entry matches up with a scene.
  • Group Pose - Gundam pile?! Judging will be based on the over all creativity regarding how your kits are posed together.

While photo quality won't be a deciding factor in picking a winner it's much appreciated and clarity can definitely have a favorable impact. Check out our photography tips to help get the most out of your shots.


The Mobile Suit Gundam novels are Zaku approved!


Entry Guidelines

We are asking that modelers follow a few small guidelines when submitting to Gunpla Posers...

  • Include two photos of your kit - The first photo is going to be your primary entry into the category. The second photo must be the same but feature a note containing your name and date. This is our way of encouraging original work and making sure that the entry in question is your own. The note can be a Post-It note, business card, scrap of paper, etc.
    • Please keep your photos less than 1500 x 1500 pixels
    • If you're entering the accuracy category include a screen cap of the pose you're trying to mimic!
  • Include your full name (or internet moniker if you prefer to go by that) and location
  • Include information on the kit - Name, grade, that sort of thing
  • Include the category you're entering into

When you're all set send everything over to In addition when sending over your email please fill out the subject field with your name and entry category, e.g. "Falldog - Dynamic Pose."


All entries must be submitted by 12 Midnight (EST), April 7th


Additional Guidelines & Rules

  • Gunpla Posers is open to all ages and all nationalities  - Though, if I can't send your prize because it will put me on a terrorist watch list, apologies in advance.
  • All submitted kits must be official Bandai releases
  • Participants can submit one entry per category - If you wish to change your entry after submission please let me know. If I receive two emails from the same person for the same category, without notice, only the first entry will be accepted. While a win in another category won't stop you from placing in another it will disqualify you from winning that one as well. In other words, you can enter three times but can only win once.
  • Your photo entries may contain multiple kits - Depending on the category, only a single kit may be taken into consideration.
  • From straight build to completed masterpiece, anything goes
  • We reserve the right to use your submitted entries - While we're not going to go as far as to claim copyright control over your entries we plan on sharing and reposting the images for the gunpla community. At no point will we try to claim them as our own or post them without proper accreditation.
  • Props are allowed for Comedic and Group categories - Use of a prop to comedic effect is definitly going to be considered in judging. You can use a prop in group categories but we'll be more interested in how your kits interact with eachother than how they interact with any props.


Thanks and lots of luck to everyone! If in the course of your posing you come up with a few extra that didn't quite make the cut we would love to see them over at r/Gunpla.


Feel free to post any questions or comments down below!